If prices are adjusted: Reimburse us the difference in Credits

Hi there. I’ve spent a fair bit in the store to complete my old armor sets and, tbh I ain’t there yet. But everyone knows how expensive each weekly featured set is. It’s ludicrous.

But let’s say, 343i halves everything. Halves all prices or adjusts each one downwards. If so, the value of these things changes too.

and I would say that for spending so much before these adjustments, those that did spend, deserve the difference back in store credit, in Halo Credits - Craig Coins, whatever you want to call them.

This is, by the way, not going to cost 343i a single thing to do. While the store credit has real monetary value, the money is still fake, still digital, still not real, and can be reimbursed at no cost, since you are not getting refunded with actual money. What does this do, though?

Practically, it allows your players who’ve given you quite a lot, to get even more in return. It’s a customer good-faith/loyalty thing. While this is not a new sale you are receiving, it IS a customer that is much happier and has an incentive to come back and buy more some other time, with the prices being lowered and this theoretical customer, getting more more for their value. The newly espoused value.

Now this does not need to happen every single time there is a price adjustment, no. Just this once, when the changes roll out. Because quite frankly, the prices have been… Very high, for very little, realistically. Because honestly who cares about emblems you can’t even fully customize the colors of, honestly? I don’t. But those are always added in when there’s nothing else of value to inflate the set to make more financial sense. Pure tomfoolery right there.

So give us something back that we can spend elsewhere. Everybody is tight for money these days and electing to spend the funds we have in this game, well, that’s not small. If prices are adjusted, reimbursement in accordance with the difference, is well deserved. People will either buy more cosmetics, boosters or levels and that just straight up encourages further engagement and retains customers.

No real downside to doing this.


People paying for this stuff definitely don’t “deserve the difference back in store credit.”

To say it doesn’t cost them anything to give people back credits is a complete misunderstanding of how finances work.

If you want to pay ridiculous high prices for cosmetics you are free to; but don’t expect to be able to have your cake and eat it too if/when the market for those items comes down to more reasonable levels.


Yeah we should. Literally no reason not to.


Troll post.

You acknowledged that armor set XYZ is valued at whatever number of credits because you bought it.

Your own damn fault. No refunds


Except for the law that says they don’t have to. You’re basically asking them to give you free money because you made a poor financial choice. (And if you think it’s a good financial choice, then you wouldn’t be on here asking for free money.) That’s not how businesses stay in business.


Do you get some of your money back when a game goes on sale after you bought it full price? Do you get anything back in that way? At the end of the day you paid full price, which in my opinion is ridiculous with these prices. Just see it as getting earlier access.


I’m pretty impressed.

One minute everybody on Waypoint wants more free stuff. But the minute a player suggests it, nah. No free stuff for anyone.

That is honestly, really funny to me.


Wanting free stuff and refunding players are two completely different things.


We don’t want the people who are causing the store prices to stay so high to be rewarded when the prices do drop. Pretty simple to understand really. If people like you never spent 15 dollars on a pineapple for your chest maybe we’d have some cheaper stuff in the store.


Ah right here we go, the weird “You purchased X, so you deserve to suffer for it!” attitude.

Yeahno it’s weird to see this lol.

Like y’all WANT stuff, but the minute someone says, “You know, yeah, that’d be good. Here’s a way.” we gotta’ suffer. Okay, lol.


No - you don’t have to suffer. But you definitely don’t get to be rewarded for making sure the store stays unaffordable for the majority of people


If I bought a product for $20 anywhere else and then that store decided to reduce its price the next day, is the store obligated to refund me the difference?


Ok Karen

Equating any of this with “suffering” is just crazy.


Nope, but since premium currency in a video game is as fake as it gets, it pretty much means nothing to give players a bit back.


What really gets me is that this would be no different financially from earning credits in the pass. What’s that, you grabbed the battle pass and earned credits? More than the pass’ monetary worth, even?

Well hot damn it’s almost like premium game currencies are as fake as it gets.


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Body is too similar apparently even though I deleted it.

They have been talking with their wallet not giving any money and anyone who bought stuff is the problem in their eyes, because it made it harder for them to be heard.
And even you say it was terribly high pricing.

You realize how ridiculous prices were in the store, yet you bought anyways instead of boycotting like the rest, why?

They don’t benefit from you, but 343 does.
343 has been actively trying to exploit you and everyone else. You didn’t resist buying, but the backlash was too much in the end for 343.
You actively fed the machine that you thought was problematic, don’t understand why you want the community to agree, the only ones who will are the ones spending tons on the game for no reason besides “I can lol”. If 343 does this it’s to keep you buying more, because it all comes down to how much more money they can get out of you


But they don’t make money off the game, unless players buy something. A normal store doesn’t make any money unless you buy something. In this case, buying something in the halo store is no different than buying a product at a retail store. Them refunding credits is them refunding money.


What gets me is that more ire’s directed at people who buy stuff, than the company who sets the prices.

It’s not, lol.


How is it not? If they released the game for free with no store, no battlepass, and no credits, how do they make money off it? They don’t.

If they release the game for free, with just credits and a store, and you buy credits to buy store items, then Credits = Income.
If I buy an item in store with $20 worth of credits, they earn $20 from those credits. If that item then is reduced to $10 and they give me back $10 worth of credits, they just gave me a $10 item for free, i.e. they gave me $10 back and lost $10.

I am not in anyway defending the store and credit system, I am just arguing the fact that whether your using Cash, credits, or even a gift card, the company providing the product is losing money if they refund you anything.