If Master chief was a MK character

I remember Mortal Kombat saying that once they made Kratos a character for PS3 they wanted to get a character on the Xbox to be a playable character. If it was Master Chief what kind of power moves do you think he’d have?

I’ll create a few

left, left, right, right, X-power drain throw.-Master Chief throws out a powerdrain that lands on a character and takes away some health. Explodes after 4 seconds causing minimal damage.

forward,forward, B, A- plasma throw-Master Chief throws a plasma grenade that deals a good bit of damage, although the opponent can jump towards MC while the grenade is priming and the damage will effect both players.

down, forward, Y- Energy sword hit-MC pulls out the energy sword and strikes the player 3 times for a combo.

forward, forward, X, B, A- Rockets- MC pulls out a rocket launcher that fires straight and deals significant amount of damage.

forward+X, RB- Armor Lock- chief goes into armor lock for 1.5 seconds can take any form of damage and temporarily stuns any player close to him (Can be broken if the enemy player uses one meter of LT+RT button, if that happens Chief is stunned for 2 seconds, allowing the enemy to do a combo move on him)

down, down X+RT- Cortana Hack- (only works on robots like Cyrax, Smoke, etc.) Cortana appears temporarily, hacks into the robots body and stuns them for 3 seconds.

Uses 3 meters of the LT+RT will make Chief punch into the character stomach, prime a frag grenade, and pull out a UNSC knife and stab him in the head while the grenade explodes–deals 45% damage.

Fatality 1- Chief throws a spike grenade on the character which blows up, displaying their insides, Chief throws a power drain in their stomach which blows them up.

Fatality 2- Chief armor locks, stunning the player for 5 seconds and steps back chargers the Spartan Laser, and blows up the characters torso.

Fatality 3- Chief throws a fire bomb on the ground, burning the player from the feet up, while at the same time calling in a target designator to blow the player up to pieces.

Wut u doin

Its funny you mentioned that, I thought about that when the MK came out. I was like, “if Kratos is in PS3, why isn’t Master Chief in the 360”. I would’ve picked him immediately.