If Johnson ran Spartan Ops...



Roland: “Ah, Fireteam Majestic.”

DeMarco: “Yeah, that’s us.”

Roland: “Welcome aboard, Spartans. I’m Roland - ship’s AI, at your service. On the line, Spartans; someone will be along to show you around shortly.”

Roland salutes the Spartans and logs off.

DeMarco: “Alright, Majestic; form up.”

As the squad gets in line, the camera turns over to show the Infinity’s crew in action.

DeMarco: “Whoa, take a look.”

Avery Johnson walks up to the squad.

Madsen: “Is that…?”

DeMarco: “Can’t be.”

DeMarco approaches Johnson, clearing his throat.

DeMarco: “Are you Sergeant Avery Johnson?”

Johnson: “Commander Avery Johnson now, and you are?”

DeMarco: “Paul DeMarco. I lead Fireteam Majestic.”

Palmer: “Hmm, pretty boy like you in charge of a whole fireteam? Corps must be getting desperate.”

All of Fireteam Majestic stands at attention and salutes.

Thorne: “Permission to speak freely commander?”

Johnson: “Permission granted.”

Thorne: “I thought you were dead, sir?”

Johnson: “Yeah I seem to get that a lot, but you’ll learn it takes a lot to damage this mean ol’ -Yoink!-. Anyhow, follow me on up to S-Deck so we can get you all suited up and prepped for some action, ya’ll picked a hell of a day to join us on the Infinity.”

Hoya chuckles as the squad is lead out of view.

Hoya: “Man what’s an old guy like that doing leading Spartans?”

Johnson: “I heard that -Yoink!-.”

Thorne looks around the bay one last time then proceeds to follow.

The Spartan garrison is a hive of activity. Johnson walks up to a balcony, now in full MJOLNIR GEN2 armor.

Johnson: "Listen up Spartans and listen up good cause I’m only gunna say this once. We are currently en-route to a planet called Requiem. Some of the vets know what to expect, but all you greenhorns better be prepared to see some mighty freaky stuff. Bloodthirsty robots with flaming skulls, religious alien -Yoinks!-, maybe the pissed off leader of a long dead alien race, who knows?

As Johnson gives his speech, Majestic Squad prepares to be outfitted with their MJOLNIR GEN2 armor. A series of assemblers hold the armor’s disparate sections, the pieces locking into place around their inner skinsuits.

Johnson: "The brains up at Infinity Science want to set up camp on Requiem and start poking around. But before they can do that, we need to find some and eliminate Covenant -Yoinks!- who did not get the memo that we kicked their sorry -Yoinks!- five years ago. Ya see Spartans, these freaks believe one of their gods lives on Requiem.

Johnson (laughing): "Now, I’ve never seen the Almighty myself, but I know He sure as Hell doesn’t look like no squid-headed son of a -Yoink-. Still though, as long as they are asking to meet God, I say we oblige them! Am I right Spartans?

All the Spartans below shout in agreement.

Johnson: Umm-hmm, damn right I am. Now get on down there and make those -Yoinks!- rue the day they were born. Club 'em with their own spines, choke them with their own entrails, show them what a Spartan can do in that fine -Yoink- powered armor! Oh, and bring me back something nice too, I hear Grunt skulls make mighty fine ash trays, heh heh.

Johnson lights a cigar.

Fantastic. Too many yoinks in my opinion. Will there be more?

If Johnson was in charge it would already be over.

Too many 'ya’ll’s.

I’d love to see that day.

Yea no more eggheads :smiley:

Just take my money. And start working on it.

Ha! Love it!

I still think DeMarco should of been trying to hit on Johnson. But A+

> Fantastic. Too many yoinks in my opinion. <mark>Will there be more?</mark>

If you guys want them. Beginning to start another one for now though.

oooo…Johnson would teach Palmer a Major lesson. For that matter, if only he would still be alive, i would’ve loved to hear him yell out to all Fireteams.

Halo needs a motivational speaker.

Johnson - Alright the corp is not paying us by the hour GO GO GO !
Palmer - Crimson we need to get look at the covenan… gets cut off.
Johnson - Shut up -Yoink- Im running this operating


I’m getting tired of Sarah Palmer’s voice. This would have been awesome.

Do you think it’s possible that they could bring him back? He’s escaped obvious death before.

Johnson, please, we all know jackal skulls make the best ash trays.

Please do the next big into video thing with Johnson instead of palmer.