If its Brute snipes, why not give us Shock rifles?

In the campaign, Brutes dont even use the stalker rifle. The jackels do. They use the Shock rifle or the skewer. But I don’t count the skewer as a sniper, so why not just equip us with the shock rifle. If its too similar to the sniper, then give the skewer I guess if 343i really want to enforce a brute version of brute snipers?

If not, just get rid of it altogether.

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Shock Rifle is too easy to get kills with, it wouldn’t fun to play for long I’d imagine.

The Brute skewer is so unique and in its own class. It’s not a sniper to me but it’s not a standard anti rocket weapons either and that’s why I love it.

Shock Rifles, I think 343i aren’t even sure what to place shock rifle as… To me currently it’s a sniper, but I wish it wasn’t. I personally think it should be a DMR and made weaker.
I think it should be overhauled, I personally think the disrupter and shock rifle have amazing potential and should be similar to the sidekick and BR.
I’ll go in greater detail for everyone.

The Disrupter, is a beautiful new gun, it sucks but doesn’t.
The uniqueness of this weapon is cool with our it reacts to the environment and if you go against a sidekick user with it you would lose but also have the chance of winning.
If both a equally fired the sidekick would ultimately win but they aren’t walking far, the shock kills them and on the off chance you missed and don’t get the kill well now he’s going to take longer to charge up then the average player not shocked.
The Shock Rifle, should act similarly, it should be a perfect counter to the BR. In a 1v1 standing still direct headshots the BR is the faster killing machine but once again he’s not walking far. Should have the same effect as the disrupter and be a perfect counter.
Plus the environmental elements these weapons play should stay the same and are beautiful. The electric shock that bounce to players should still exist, and how the damage drops off the further it travels is beautiful. I like how they shock vehicles but hate how they replaced the plasma pistol. I think weakening the shock rifle down to a DMR should also require more shots to the vehicle to stun. How it bounces off objective markers, objects and more is what makes you want to use this weapon.
Yes is both would be a slower kill time but you’ll still get the kill or weaken a group of people. It’s so versatile and unique.

Now if it was me that decided to bring shock weapons, the plasma pistol would still function the same, but instead the shock rifle and disrupter would take a lot longer to stun the vehicle but it would do small amount of damage to all the players within the vehicles.

I would also like to state by moving the shock rifle in this way, would provide a great opportunity for 343i. This would make for a good opportunity because you could bring back the Bean Rifle, I know the fans and die bards would love this.

Thanks for reading!

Maybe I’m in the minority, but the Shock Rifle is more interesting to me than the Beam Rifle. The Beam Rifle should have at least been a weapon variant to the Stalker Rifle though.

(Edit) Getting back on topic
I haven’t played Halo Infinite for a while but am I to understand they have a game mode called “Brute Snipers” with the Sniper’s playlist that uses the Stalker Rifle?

The Stalker Rifle shouldn’t even be considered a Sniper Rifle.

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I’m not saying it necessarily bad but I think it’s OP. Shoots like a DMR but acts like a sniper.

Agreed, but instead of making it like the BR75 why not just make it a power weapon like the S7 Sniper? Here’s a chain reaction:

  • Carbine returns to replaces VK78 Commando in Tier 1 (it’s a better counterpart to the BR75).
  • VK78 Commando gets a buff and replaces the Shock Rifle in Tier 2 (it’s a better counterpart to the Stalker Rifle).
  • Shock Rifle replaces the Skewer in Tier 3 (it’s a better counterpart to the S7 Sniper.
  • The Spartan Laser returns to be a counterpart to the Skewer.