If it wasn't for Halo I wouldn't have an Xbox

What are the reasons why you have an Xbox

Pretty much the same reason. If my friend hadn’t bought an Original Xbox back in 2001, I would have never of played Halo, and I would have never bought an Xbox 360 in 2006.

I bought a 360 to play COD, then my friend came up to me and was like “bruh wtf don’t play COD, here you can borrow my Halo 3”. that man changed my life

To play Halo

Pretty much for Halo.

Because I like the brand and the features that the console provides

Same. If I didn’t play Halo at a friend’s house, I wouldn’t have bought an Xbox. I had a PlayStation already but eventually I became team Xbox.

I used to have only Nintendo consoles but once the Wii came out I needed an alternative. All my cousins had xbox 360’s so they convinced me to get that instead of a PS3. Halo became my favourite franchise ever. Other than Halo, Gears and Forza were big reasons to have an Xbox too for me. I also think their controllers are way better than the other consoles offerings. Once I got an elite I couldn’t settle for less. Once I started making my own money though I picked up a Wii U and a PS3 for their exclusives, I just love gaming and don’t care for this console war nonsense. Right now I have a Series X, PS4, and Switch. Gonna get a PS5 couple years down the road, maybe see if they come out with a mid gen upgrade then binge on their exclusives. The Xbox UI and controller are what keep me using it as my main machine though. Can’t wait to see what fruit bears from all the studio acquisitions they’ve made in recent years. Sorry I kinda went off topic there a little lol

Same reason here. I played the Halo CE Demo on my Mac back in the Xbox 360 days. I played that demo for months before finally buying the full game for my Mac and loved it. Eventually the friend who introduced me to Halo showed me Halo 2 on 360 and then I eventually got one before Halo 3 came out. Fast forward 15 years later and I’m still playing it on my PC now.

Same, if it were on other consoles I’d have pretty much no loyalty to Xbox, although gamepass is dope

Forza was the main reason I got an Xbox.

If it weren’t for halo, I wouldn’t have an xbox, nowadays they tell me to switch to Play Station but I didn’t grow up playing god of wars or the uncharted, but there are games that I won’t be able to play or I could even afford to have each new generation console but xbox will be my favorite.

Halo and Forza. I also think the Xbox controller is more comfortable than the PlayStations

Wow I never really thought about it. But the original Xbox I bought for random games just because. But the 360, Xbox One, etc I bought only for Halo!

I grew up playing the Nintendo 64, then got introduced to an Xbox and Halo and just kept playing.