if it wasn't for campaign, this is last halo.

firstly, i apologize for the bad English the limit is dumb -.-

secondly and most importantly. this SHOULD be the last halo! with the rec system and free monthly updates (yes i know they end in June) and the ranked “season” play style. in my opinion there is no other reason to make halo 6 other then the campaign sadly… just ADD THE GAME MODES PEOPLE ARE CRYING TO THE HEAVENS FOR, and just make your money on the rec system… if free updates were NOT ending in june. they could easily just keep adding on to the pool of rec’s and possibly even maps (there is nothing wrong with remixing if we are not paying) every month, to keep people who care, to keep playing. it blows my mind that games like HALO and Cod have championships. yet they give that year’s game no time to actually build a rep for itself. maybe i am just spoiled with games like league and smite. where they can survive for YEARS. on 2-5 maps. with monthly balancing updates.

(and no i am not a “whale” who spent any money on req’s) even though i might now because i have no intention to buy halo 6.