If it bleeds question.

what is the easiest way to complete this daily challenge?

Start up the Package on Rally Point Alpha and head up the courtyard of SWORD Base and take a left. Go up the stairs and BOB should spawn nearby a couple of Jackals. Take him out before he disappears and the challenge is yours. If he isn’t there, reload the map (save and quit, select the level again, and say yes when it asks you to overwrite your current save).

If you don’t want to worry about reloading the map and get him in one playthrough, start up ONI SWORD Base on Rally Point Bravo. BOB will be a white Elite dual wielding plasma rifles and found in one of two places:

  1. In the Courtyard (starts near the entrance to SWORD Base and then runs off to the left where you spawn at Mission Start)

  2. Near the second pad, one level below the Elite General inside of Sword Base.

Cool thanks, gonna try that. :slight_smile:

I just go on Nightfall, in that big open area at the beginning where there are Ranger-class Elites flying everywhere. If you shoot at a grunt, elite, or anything down there, the Golden Ranger Elite will appear all the way in the back, heading towards the forklift. Another level would have to be Winter Contingency. He’s going down a hill from the base you go to protect, where the falcon usually picks you up at when you’re down defending that area. (I can’t explain further than that, just go with the Nightfall mission instead). I have a video of this in my File Share if you wanna check it out. It’s under the name “Golden Opportunity” (what it was originally named). I hope this helps.