If Infinite is the next 10 years, when will it force the hand to go next gen?

It’s a question i’m curious to see people’s take on.

I made the decision during flighting that I would be better off playing the game on my original Xbox One at launch. My PC just missed the minimum requirements and with current events and real world obligations, I knew a GPU or console upgrade would be a hurdle. I believe these things are pretty common for a lot of people.

I think it’s fantastic that in 2022 i’m playing the latest Halo game on the 2013 console and having a lot of fun with it! However, I feel the day will come where due to years of the game updating and adding additional content and quality of life improvements that the Xbox One version will start to be slowly panned.

I’m hoping that when this inevitably happens the supply and demand of the current gen and even GPUs that support the game will become affordable for the little guys like me.

Besides the obvious graphical and performance improvements of the current gen (Series S & X), what would be your reason to future-proof now instead of waiting a few years after those consoles will start being more obtainable second-hand? I think the Xbox One version is the halo-fan-on-a-budget’s savior currently.

I currently play on Series X. There’s a lot more UI input that I see vastly improved when even moving from a One X during the flights. That could be the “beta” aspect of the flights but certain actions throughout the game feel faster and more responsive.

As for the next 10 years, I think you need to look at the last 10. We saw good gains on the multiplayer front and they focused, from what it seems like, on the campaign front for this iteration. A solid campaign allows for them to focus less on that aspect and instead, re-shift focus back onto multiplayer. Allowing for anniversary maps or better customization, obvious UI and UX improvements that will be made.

I think the big thing that people need to look at is the changes made with the Master Chief Collection. How much of that “game” was updated to meet community wishlist items so that we would have a solid game for older titles to default back onto when we grow tired of the Infinite experience.

If the addition of Activision goes through, it’s possible we see a rotating cycle of Halo every 3-4 years, with Doom, COD, and Gears rotating in those empty years as well. With the current supply chain issues, I doubt Infinite will ever make it to a full jump to the next gen given the number of users they would leave behind that are not able to attain a new Series console or newer PC.

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Issue is next gen is ridiculously expensive, the average person doesn’t has 600-1000 dollars to drop on a gaming console that just plays the same games you already play but with slightly better graphics.

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