If Infinite had MCC game selection what are you’re top 5 game types you would choose

This post is asking the Halo community you’re top 5 game types that if you could choose to play instead of other game types in an attempt to have a game selection menu in Infinite much like MCC has. For example if I select BTB I can choose to NOT play stockpile and same for Arena or “Rumble Pit” I can choose to not play Oddball 10 times in a row. And keep in mind that Infinite needs more game types over all but for now I just want to focus on the community’s majority favorites.
1.BTB Heavy
5.Kong Slayer

  1. Invasion
  2. Hot potato
  3. VIP
  4. Arcadefight
  5. Infection

Oh wait. Never mind. Let me know when they are added.


entrenched is the one I liked the most.

social big team or social swat.
only two game modes i really like anymore.
social for everything, always.
big team heavies and action sack are fun too

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I’d probably be matching into way more SWAT if it had the mixed matchmaking option. That alongside afresh control and slayer game modes would be my go to.

It would be doubly cool if it could search both BTB and Arena.

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How come? Now I do think it’s a good game type because it kinda makes a player think of there area control for power weapons and holding advantage points, but other then that I don’t see the appeal.