If I wrote the Halo 5 Campagin

Here, I am going to create what I think the Halo 5 Campaign should of been. This will include the only fireteam Osiris, Blue Team will not be included. Here is why, I feel that the chief suddenly getting a team did not suit his character nor did his character. I do not read the books, however I feel in the games. Second, I will be killing off some of the characters in this, so no one is truly safe. Thirdly, I will be replacing Tanaka as I feel her character is just too vague and boring for me to do anything with, so I will create a new one called “Silver”

Opening sequence:
Locke approaches the statue of the Chief, looking upon it with anger. Locke - “All Hail the Saviour, the Destroyer, the God. The man who has saved us all.” He approaches the statue, and then takes off his helmet. Locke - “The Great Destroyer and Protector.” The camera would pan down to see an injured chief in his own collapsed monument. Locke - “And yet you’re only one of those things now, the Great Destroyer!” Chief would look up to Locke, his helmet badly damaged. Locke would raise his pistol up to the Chief. Locke would get closer to the Chief. Locke - “But now I am the Great Protector, Protector…From you.” A shot would be fired followed by the immediate change to a Pelican.

Fireteam Osiris would receive a message from the UNSC Infinity. Lasky - "At 0600 Hours yesterday evening, Petty Officer 117, the Master Chief, was declared Absent without leave. We believe he has sought out the Covenant leader Jul M’dama over his holding of Doctor Catherine Halsey. You mission is to intercept the Doctor before the Chief can get to her. Palmer - “Supreme Leader Jul M’dama is with the Doctor, if you get the chance to destroy the leadership of the Covenant, you take it Spartans.” Locke - “We understand, Commander.” Lasky - “Well, Good Luck Spartans, Infinity out.” The pelican lights with red warning colours, Silver and Vale start talking to each other. Vale - “I know you like him Silver.” Silver - “Who?” Vale - “You know who I am talking about.” Silver - “I actually do not Vale.” Vale - “So what if I went over to tell…” Silver - “Fine, Fine. Please can you not tell him though. Vale - “Girls stick together, especially when the world is ruled by men” Silver - “Thanks, Vale”
Buck and Locke are busy having a heated conversation of the Chief. Buck - “So, what are they not telling us this time?” Locke - “What do you mean, Buck?” Buck - “Common, you’re ONI. Should you not have a six sense when someone is not telling you the full picture?” Locke - “And ain’t ODSTs meant to shoot first and ask questions later?” Buck - Being an ODST meant that I did not have to deal with this kind of BS. I could do the job, get home and have a drink with the boys. Yet, when you’re a Spartan, you got to do more than that. You need to know if you’re doing the right thing. Are we, doing the right thing?” The lights suddenly turn green, and without responding to Buck Locke grabs his helmet. Locke - “Fireteam Osiris, the light is green.” He punches a button on the left of him, which opens the bay of the pelican. Silver and Vale put their helmets on. Buck responds with a quirky remark “A answer for another day” Locke - “Only if you make it out, Spartan.” Buck runs past Locke, saying “Well, Feet first into hell”


Chapter 1

You would enter the first part of the cut scene, where the Spartans travel in the air towards the mountain. As soon as you hit the Mountain you enter the game. Running down the mountain you would have the ability to engage a range of different covenant. You would also learn the Spartan abilities with, having to slide under a broken Phantom, smash through debris and ground pound to escape the avalanche. Once you ground pound, the mission would carry on as in the current. You would move past Covenant and Promethean forces throughout the mission. As the closer you get to Jul’Mdama, you encounter more covenant than Prometheans.

Jul’Mdama and Doctor Halsey would be inside a temple. The temple is said to hold the power to control the Prometheans with or without the Didact but can only be accessed by Humanity. Jul’Mdama is growing increasing aggressive with Halsey. Jul - “Doctor, I grow tired of this. You said that you could activate this holy relic.” Halsey - “I indeed so, however I did not claim to access it instantly.” Jul - “More human sarcasm.” Halsey - “So you have learnt something from me.” Osiris would set up, gaining line of sights on the Covenant leader. Halsey - “This is not the one, we must head to another.” Buck takes down an elite on guard duty, whilst Silver and Vale flank round. Locke moves in and sights up Jul’Mdama. Large crashing would come from above them, having everyone including the Doctor. Grenades would fly next to the covers of Osiris, forcing them out of cover and into the lines of Jul’Mdama. Jul’Mdama ignites his sword. Jul’Mdama - “Kill them.”

You would have to attack Jul’Mdama from range, as he has constant reinforcements and a high shield which has a high recharge. Even on the lowest difficulty, he cannot be killed and escapes 3 minutes in. After the engagement another cutscene begins. Jul runs away, and Osiris circle the Doctor. Locke - “Doctor, Captain Lasky would like a word.” Halsey - "I was not expecting you, Spartan Locke. Silver - “Then who were you expecting?” Halsey - “Him.” Osiris all look up to see a ground pounding chief smack right into the centre. The floor collapses to reveal a pelican below the temple. Osiris fire a few shots futily at the Pelican, however doing little effect on the Pelican. The Pelican flys away, and is now out of view and range of Osiris. Buck - “So, who is buying the drinks this time?” The cutscene ends with a quirky smile from Buck.

Chapter 2

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