If I was in charge of making halo 5.

This is just a posts to say what I would have done if I made halo 5. I would like to know what others would have done if they made it.

First off I would remove sprint, ads, charge, thruster, slide, hover, ground pound. and replace them with armor enhancements. They would last anywhere from a few seconds to until you die. you would have a sprint enhancement or a thruster enhancement. if you pick up sprint, you would be able to run, slide, or charge. if you pick up thruster you would be able to thrust, hover, and ground pound. These would be placed in key locations on the map.

Chief would be in most of the campaign.

Forge instead of having 1000000 items with different sizes I would make it so you could just resize things in forge. All items would have a limit to how much you can resize them of course.

No warzone. Instead I would bring back Firefight maybe give it a story. Reach played with PVPVE in it forge but it was unbalanced. This would be ether up to 8PVE or 4v4PVPVE You would be able to play classic firefight with upto 8 players or you could kill each other while fighting NPCs You could go as far as having CTF battles with NPCs on both sides take invasion to a whole new level. or even play Flood players would be fighting off wave after wave of flood and if you die you join them.

Armor would be unlock able by your in game level not your rank or something like reqs.

I would bring back the old emblem system and even allow you to make your own emblems if you choose.

Add a color wheel.

I would keep buyable req packs in game but the things you would get from it would be stuff like Flaming helms, hats, swords you can put on but do nothing, and weapon, armor and vehicle skins. Stuff like that.

I would bring back elites but not allow them in ranked matches.

Speaking of ranked games. A players rank will come from how they do in game and not how their team does. If you have 1 bad player with 3 good team mates hes gonna be high ranked but he will still be bad so that player can not play without his friends. So depending on what you do in a match will effect have you rank. If you are sitting and just farming kills in a CTF match it would have little effect on your rank, but if you get points for defending your flag, capping a flag, killing efc, assisting flag carrier and it would have bigger effect on your rank. Now on the other hand In slayer getting big kills will rank you up or In FFA winning will rank you up. A players rank should not be held back because their team mates or friend are bad and in the same way a player should be able to get to max rank just because their team mates are really good.

I would bring back a forge would like map and allow you to change how it looks. on top of 2 smaller forge maps.

All Game modes would be playable by day 1 although they may not have a playlist. There would be a mix of social and ranked playlist. And will have a daily Playlist that changes each day and it will have challenges that change with it that would give you big jack pots of XP and what not.

I would bring back payed DLC. This Free stuff doesnt work. Evolved tried the same thing off everyone has all the maps and look how fast that game died. I would rather play $20 for 4 Great maps then get 1 free ehh map every now and then. Also the each DLC will have 1 extra map and that map would be a fan made forge map remade outside of forge. Only the very best map would get this honor and the maps can not be remakes of there maps.

I would give a community made maps playlist or more depending on the types of maps and each week the the top most voted map would be added to it.

I would have a file browser and file share. I would do like Bungie did and have a in game spot that shows the funniest game videos the best maps and the best screen shots.
Also I would add a custom games browser.

I would have 15-20 maps at launch and forge made maps would not count to that number. Having forge maps counted as total maps was okay for halo 4 and reach but his is The Xbox one Next gen we are talking. 3 Arena and 3 BTB maps would be remakes but they wouldnt be just copy and paste remakes they would be updated with a spin on them. 2 for sure would be Death Island from Halo 1 PC and the other would be a remake of one of the versions of Blood Gulch.

I would bring back Duel wield, the Old Weapon skins. I hate the new Rocket launcher ( I think everyone does seeing how they all Use the spaker in their forge maps.) , The scorpion, and the plasma rifle/ repeater.

The last thing would be making Vehicles powerful again so you need a team or heavy weapons to take them out I mean look at them now. You can run faster then them, 2 shots from a Rocket launcher or 1 shot form a Spartan lazer will take them out but it takes 4-5 shots from another tank. How does that make since? Heck 1 person with a AR can take out a tank.

I think 343s problem is they make a game they thing will sell well instead of making a game they think people want to play. Thats the difference between them and Bungie pre Activision (Activision did the same thing to blizzard that they did to bungie.)

> I would bring back payed DLC. This Free stuff doesnt work. Evolved tried the same thing off everyone has all the maps and look how fast that game died. I would rather play $20 for 4 Great maps then get 1 free ehh map every now and then. Also the each DLC will have 1 extra map and that map would be a fan made forge map remade outside of forge. Only the very best map would get this honor and the maps can not be remakes of there maps.

Nope, I’m out.

I would not buy your Halo. Good thing for me this is working out otherwise.

That’s why your not in charge…

No thanks

Why take out thrust? It’s my favorite addition to gameplay.

How would you change the Campaign besides “more Chief!”?

Good thing you are not in charge. You had some good points but no just no. I’d rather have the free maps with the req system. Maybe modify it so some armor is only unlockable through achievements but the rest could stay in the req system.

Ummmmmm, no thanks. I like it better how it is at the moment.

> 2533274899748630;1:
> First off I would remove sprint

throws money at screen

You made some good points, and some points I don’t agree with. Overall, I think your Halo game would be better than 343’s.

Adding in all the things 343 is missing was a good touch. But replacing basic spartan abilities with more map spawned power-ups does not appeal to me. I’d be afraid it’d feel too much like Unreal Tournament. I like that everyone has the same movement capabilities.
I like how Spartans move in H5, feels very fluid and works well.
Also free dlc maps is the way of the future. You lose potential customers by locking nearly half the maps behind a paywall, splitting your population between several layers of dlc passes.

Tfw your post backfires on you

> 2811398874529013;10:
> You made some good points, and some points I don’t agree with. Overall, I think your Halo game would be better than 343’s.

The thing is this thread is all what ifs whos to say it would be better then 343s halo I see people attacking my opinions but the thing is without testing or it being done you cant truly know if it would be better or worse. These are all just thoughts and ideas that can change at anytime. That said I truly believe if I had a Great team I could we could make the best halo to date. You cant just take 1 group of people who say X is better then Y because of Z and think most people would think that. You can have something that looks good and sounds good and then when you have it, it sucks… Cough Cough halo 4… but at the same time you can have something that sounds bad and looks bad and then you play it and all you can think is WOW ( More games then you might think of started out as “this is a bad idea but its the best we got” and then turn into some of the best games.

> 2533274847880910;12:
> Tfw your post backfires on you

TFW these are thoughts and opinions and if you don’t like it oh well.

So glad you’re not in charge.

  1. You’re basically saying armor abilities from Halo 4 and Reach but only a select few on a map. There’s a good chance doing that would just make it obsolete since running or hovering would making you an easy target in a game where no one is ever doing that and has their weapons always at the ready. Or even worse creates the worst meta, where someone can just hit and run players that are moving at vastly slower speeds or can’t dodge like them. If there isn’t a time limit then whoever manages to get it in the first rush would instantly become a power-player and if there is one then it really isn’t that useful expect for trying to flank a team.
  2. Sure whatever give Chief more time, he’s going to die in the next game anyways.
    3.Firefight with story is basically Spartan Ops without the constant changing scenery. A mode similar to either should have been included but I wouldn’t sacrifice Warzone for it, it’s a fun casual mode. Not to mention the type of firefight you want is easier said than actually made.
  3. I don’t really care how you unlock the armor, you have to play the game a lot to unlock all of it no matter what, points or leveling system. Unless you want it all unlocked at the beginning which isn’t the worst idea.
  4. Go ahead release all your gamemodes day 1 and see how many bug reports you get. You’ll get swamped trying to fix all of them while getting a bad rep for releasing a buggy game. They release gamemodes slowly so when the bugs do arrive they can fix them before moving onto the next mode and also to give people something to stick around for.
  5. I just don’t want my games to count when one or more players drop from a team, leaving the rest of us at a clear disadvantage thus changing the probable outcome and resulting K/D. Besides that I would say the current system works pretty well, save some people ending up in rankings they clearly don’t belong so K/D should factor into the ranking since if you can’t kill enemies you probably can’t hold your own in any game mode.
    7.Duel wield would ruin the complete balance of the game. I guess you don’t remember the plasma pistol+magnum meta but I do. Imagine dual boltshots.
  6. The Vehicles are still powerful, there are now just a lot of ways to counter them if you’re smart. A manned warthog with skilled players can dominate players when done right, I’ve seen it happen plenty of times in Warzone.
  7. Games sell well because people want to play them >_>
  8. Your game sounds unbalanced and full of programmers working overtime to pull magic out of their -Yoink-.

It would be very hard to make a game like halo. First you would need the skills that all of the people that came to together would have. Second you might have to deal with deadlines and certain things just not working so nice as what you think it will. Third you will have a parent company over seeing you the whole time that pays you to create the game.

The" color wheel" was the smartest two words out of the whole dissertation.

i like a lot of the things that you said, but I think Halo needed to add some gameplay mechanics. Aside from Thruster Pack (which I think should not be omnidirectional) I like a lot of the changes. Do I think Halo 3 was better? Yeah. Do I want Halo 5 to play like Halo 3? No. Cause if I did, I’d go play Halo 3. Many of the gameplay mechanics help make combat more fluid and innovative than look point and shoot. I originally was one of those people who hated to see Halo change,but after binge playing it for a week, I’m starting to see these new mechanics in a better light, and I’m liking it.

My main recommendations are

Color Wheel (or at least a military green color column. I want my Halo Reach and Halo 4 Sage green back.)

Make the Daily win packs available by three full game completions or by one win.

Add the Sticky Detonator. :smiley:

Add more social playlists.

Thank god you’re not in charge

You would destroy Halo 5, Microsoft would drop Halo as a title all together.