If I was hopeful for invasion

Look, I’m not a fan of battle royals and I never have been. But there’s no point in fighting against the grain of inevitably and arguing against BRs is NOT why I’m here. Instead… I’m choosing to be…

WILDLY optimistic and hope that maybe, with success behind this battle royal. And with the release of forge. That following it we could see maybe the release of Fire Fight and Elite cores as a means to further gameplay.

I’ll be the first to say this drip-fed content sucks, but what can you do but wait? I’m really hopeful for the return of these fan favorite game types (Invasion and Fire fight) to return.

Sure we could recreate them I guess in forge when it drops but it’s not the same. You won’t earn XP, which ultimately is the reason more and more BR related players will come to halo. For the XP grind and number 1 slot flex.

So hopeful logic states “hey, if things go right… blah blah invasion firefight.”


Never a good idea with 343.

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