If I want to leave a game then I'm leaving...

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I have just recently purchased this halo 4 becuse the price was lowered. Now I’m about to return it even though I like the game… There is some discussion on these forums whether a person can leave a game. I just want to say to 343 industries, and Microsoft that if I get banned for leaving multiplayer matches where people are spawn killing over and over for 10 mins. I will sell this game, and every piece of microsoft equiptment I own. That is 4 laptops with Windows 8, 2 tower PC’s, and my Windows 8 phone. Then I will File Better business complaints on every computer I’m going to sell. Then I will mark them as Unresolved without exception. Then I will go talk to my family in Washington D.C who are politically connected, and I will devote my spare time to making Microsoft, and 343 industries corporate lives alot worse then they are now. I’m sick, and tired of these big companies acting like they are above everyone. Well I have some political poll myself in the United States, and I will make it my mission in life to cause your companies problems. No I have not been Banned yet for leavin games.
If Modern Warfare 3 is smart enough to have a system where people can leave games without being penalized then a new game like this should have it too. I have called Microsoft about this already but I’m just writing this on here to make it more offical. If I want to leave a game I’m leaving it, and if you ban me I will do as described in this post. Don’t make me the enemy