If I get put into a game I don't want to play, but I can't leave it since I'd get banned for doing so, I simply don't play the game

When I am put into a game I do not want to play (Example: Mauler SWAT when I just want to do BR kills/Headshots challenges) I simply don’t play them. I hold inputs on my controller so I don’t get kicked for being AFK and banned, and then I chill out and do something else for 10-15 minutes. I cannot quit, because I’d be quit banned, and there is no game browser or settings to help me get into games that I do want to play, and so I am cornered into being put into games I don’t want to play. And, sensibly, I just don’t play them. Forcing me into them with no choice is only going to make me want to play them even less.

The solution to this is simple, there are two easy options to fix this problem.

A) Implement a game browser or checkboxes to let us customize what games we do and don’t want.


B) Remove the bans for leaving too many matches outside of Ranked to allow players to browse matches in place of a real browser.


Yep. It’s a joke they don’t even have a dedicated team objective playlist, especially since slayer seems to be prioritized in the matchmaking for quick play. Now to make things worse they’ve added attrition to quick play, a mode I have no interest in playing at all.


Just came back to play a mere 4 matches and went afk for the 3 objective matches I got. I’ll have to drop this trash again I guess. Nobody wants to play garbage objective gamemodes. But it’s obvious they’re trying to coerce people into doing the objective related challenges in ranked to get frustrated and just pay for armor. If you played GTA you’d be able to identify this typical corporate scheme a mile away.


Well, that sucks for everyone else playing, but I can’t say that I blame you. I get so pissed when it won’t give me the map or gametype I wanted. I’ll click the playlist before I start and already know that I only have a sliver of a chance to get the match I want lol or you get what you wanted but they threw you into an already started game, I love when that happens too.

You know, I played several hours yesterday, many, many matches. It has been months since I’ve had a proper session of Halo like that, so my friends and I hopped on to test out the new Season/Update, and we did not get to play on the new Catalyst map, it just wouldn’t pop up, what a joke right?


Please do. If you’re going AFK in games like a whiny child that throws a tantrum if he doesn’t get what he wants, I can’t imagine anyone else wants you to play either.


That’s right. Someone quits? Afk. Teams are unbalanced? AFK. Nobody cares that you’re one of last few hundred players that actually tries to win in a rigged matchmaking system. Your game is dead.


Can you answer me this?
If you care about no one else but your own enjoyment of the game. Why should anyone care at all about you at all?

There’s not much of a point to playing team games with this mind set. You’re just asking for a really bad time. When you finally get what you want, now there’s probably a good chance you’re team mates will in turn not be satisfied and ruin even those matches for you.

It’s very destructive in team oriented games were teammates are important.


At the end of the day, the Challenge system is at fault. Remove all these selfish challenges, replace them with more generic ones, and people can just play at their leisure while progressing on the side.


Might as well not call them Challenges at that point. It’ll be more along the line of “Tasks”.


Then that’s the problem of the challenge system and progression in general : why are you forced to jump hoops, do circus tricks, in order to have any sort of progression?

We’re here to play a game, and 343 promised us a reward system that rewards us for playing the game, not do circus acts for them.

Make no mistake. Challenges are challenges. Progression should not be shackled by challenges. Players are now clowns which dance and trick just so they can earn something they are promised.

It’s one thing to get people to play a playlist, it’s another to force them to RNG the mode they require in order to actually get down to progression.

If you think otherwise, I hope you have to enter the Konami code everytime you have to use the bathroom.


My teammates are either quiting or just playing for kills. Or they play for kills and still fail at that.

Well, there is another option… Remove challenges and progression, place all obtainable items in the shop that people can purchase I guess.

Maybe make challenges just for fun. Like achievements perhaps… That would work correct?

So you choose to be just as bad then? Does that help anything in the long run?

Yes. It’s helping to bury the game.


Then there’s no point in you complaining on the forum. Have fun in other games!


At that point you may as well leave. It’ll be better for everyone then, since keeping you playing adds no actual value to the game. You’re actually making it worse for everyone even.


Why yes I am going back to playing Elden Ring, a full priced game with full content, and a challenging experience with dlc in the future, instead of playing this modern AAA trash. How could you tell?


Have fun :slightly_smiling_face:


I most definitely will, along with the other 20 million that left.


But you didn’t leave. You’re still here. You’re still engaging with Halo Infinite instead of playing Elden Ring. Talk about a glutton for punishment.


That’s Nice :+1:

Could be like me lol. Playing Elden ring as we speak on my Steam Deck while chatting on these boards. Other wise I’d be doing commissions, but I need some information first before I can really go any further there.