If I buy halo infinite (campaign) can I pre-download the game now?

I need someone to confirm if I purchase the campaign digitally can I pre-download the game right now so it is ready for launch?
I really don’t wanna have to wait a couple hours more (after launch) to download the game.

  • For reference: I am also playing on the series X so a physical copy will be useless to me because I will still be required to download “smart delivery” which would require me to download the game off the store anyway…

I could just wait and get the game on gamepass for free… but I will also 100% buy a campaign copy if it means I can pre-download the game right now so it is ready for the global launch!

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

No they lied and i pre-ordered half a year ago thinking i could download it on the 7th then play it on 8th at 12AM but now they’re making us wait until 10AM Pacific time and where I live is 12PM so i won’t even get to play it because of download time and this is my last day off for 4 days so someone will ruin the game for me

Saw your user name and thought you were in Australia, then saw the comment and guess not.

Sorry - off topic I know.

Thanks for the heads up dude!

I may still buy the campaign at some stage, but I will wait for now.
I’m living in Australia and the game launches at 5am AEST tomorrow morning. I did however book the rest of the week off work though. But I understand your struggle and I hope some divine intervention happens that so you can get a chance to play earlier than 4 days.

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I couldn’t do that I had to request that day off 3 months ago and the only reason I got it is because it’s my birthday

Man that really sucks dude.
Happy birthday though, I hope good things come your way.