If Halo Wars 3 did happen

How woukd you want the story to start?

I think the begining should start around the devine winds story. As Red team meet the ferrets.

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I would love to see a game set few centuries in the future, where most species came together and formed their own empire similar to what the covenant did or what we see in mass effect. This new, fresh empire would start exploring the universe outside the milky way and discover massive artefacts much older than the forerunners or the precursors themselves

Imagine one for the forerunner vs flood wars

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That would be awesome

I feel nauseous about the story of Spartan & Spartan & Spartan & Spartan,
I like the story of alien protagonists like Atriox and Arbiter.
HW2 DLC Awakening The Nightmare has brotherhood in their emotions
I drew the charisma and fear of Atriox while portraying the flood and their battle. I like it.