If Halo is gonna have "Boss Battles" they should take notes from Dark Souls, Metal Gear, Elden Ring, and Metroid Prime

The “Bosses” in Halo Infinite were pretty much just bullet sponges with different armor and weapons.

If the game is gonna have Boss Battles, I want it to actually feel like a powerful entity that I’m fighting, and that defeating them has real consequences for the game, not some Brute 2.0 with Extra Health and Shields and a grenade launcher. Beating Revolver Ocelot, Vamp, The End, and other bosses in MGS had importance to the story, whereas the Brutes you fight in Infinite were just insignificant goons.

Even fighting the Hunters in the game felt more like a real boss battle than most of the actual bosses.

I’m sorry but the boss battles in Infinite were pretty weak and need to be more like Ninja Garden, Elden Scrolls, MGS, and Other Open world games

Examples how they can be improved:

  • Animations like Armor pieces falling off the Brute

  • Weak Spots

  • Battles that just Only take place in a room or “Arena”, cause this isn’t WWE

  • They utilize environmental advantages better

  • They don’t just die each time you fight them, that’s predictable

  • The ability to use CQC or Melee combos on them

  • You actually gain something from them , such as:

    – an Index to open up new map sections
    – access to Brute Ships
    – Intel on troop positions
    – An upgraded usable vehicle
    – A captured forerunner Cartographer that Brutes we’re using to navigate Halo’s Interior ( like the Metroid Prime maps )
    – Elements of their suit or armor that you can integrate into yours
    – Unique Banished equipment
    – Weapon upgrades
    – Ability to use captured Banished fortresses as commandeered Bases for the UNSC

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I would vote for there to be no boss battles, Halo has always played best without them. Big battles are always better than unrealistic and uninteresting bosses.

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They did a good job with the boss battle against the Sub-Monitor of Zeta Halo. The Brute ones were boring though

Id say most of the boss battles are good, some of the brute ones are just kind of meh, but those types of boss battles in other games wouldnt really work in halo like halo isnt a melee type of game its a shooter, having cqc or melee combos just isnt a FPS thing.

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Only decent boss battles in Halo’s history have been the big vehicles like the Scarabs and Lich. Otherwise it’s just been bullet sponges. The monitor in Infinite wasn’t too bad, it had specific target points at least which is a basic boss mechanic.

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