If Halo 4 had a Public Beta before release.

If Halo 4 had a Public Beta before release.
Hypothetically, Imagine Halo 4 is a few months away from release and 343 made a Beta, 2 to 4 default Playlists, 2 - 4 Maps, 1 Spartan Ops Mission, Only shows 1 or 2 of the new weapons, armor, Specializations and armor abilities. If not, Imagine what the beta would have been to you. This is just an example.

Few questions for your opinion:
Would you have bought the game after release?
How would the game be different after release?
How would the community have reacted to the changes?
What of the many current bugs and issues would be fixed before release?
How would the hype be affected? More people want the game or people would be disappointed?

Maybe make your own questions and answers. Point is, Imagine now if a Beta had happened.

If they had a beta then I think we’d be waiting another year and a half based on the complaints about MP. That would irk me because all I thought when I saw the teaser was “OMG MC IS BACK!” All I wanted was a pre release demo showing off the first campaign mission. Honestly at this point they should just reskin Halo 2’s mp with modern graphic and sell it as an arcade title for 1600 ms points and add regular map packs for the regular price. Thats one idea I have but work with me I haven’t slept in 22 hours. And the other idea is gone just like that.

We also have to consider alot of things when talking about a beta.

They would have had to focus production on making a playable build “piece” of the game, hiding off things they didn’t want us to get access to, making sure everything worked, setting up just all these things that would have slowed overall production.

ALSO we have no idea the number of bugs they DID fix while doing closed beta, while not having to slow production. There’s no way to say “they could have fixed these bugs with a beta” when we can’t confidently analyze the status of every scenario for the game.

If 343 took the time to make a beta, they would have missed the holiday season window, which comes with the free advertising from websites for “game of the year” competitions, among other huge financial incentives.

Also upon speaking to developers, they prioritize bugs.
Stuff that effects everyone > stuff that effects the hardcore

Is something like the boltshots range going to effect the common user? Or the exp cap? Or the specialization situation?

Not in the slightest. Most new users will see “man that gun has killed me alot, I’ll use it!”, and they’ll never encounter these experience road blocks.
(the biggest problem with the boltshot is philosophy on it. EVERYONE has access to it, so it’s not technically “overpowered”, the people arguing about it are actually arguing “should we have a 1 shot kill weapon available for starts?”)

It’s obvious that 343 has a list of things to fix, and some of the things hardcore gamers pick out aren’t at the top. Join in progress was fixed, which EVERYONE will deal with. (it works perfect now :D) Map exploits were fixed aswell, which we’ll all run into.

But editing the boltshot to be more reasonable? Not a big deal. The Not hardcore majority will not care as much because they just don’t.

My answer is actually … no, I wouldn’t.

Based on past experience, I absolutely loved the H3 Beta and the Reach Beta, but when the final game came out I thought the game wasn’t as good as it had been.
My example of this is that bloom was perfect imo in the Reach Beta. It was pretty sizable and actually required pacing. Any spamming would get you nothing, but people complained so they toned it down and it ended up being a rubbish mechanic.

So if this was a H4 beta right now, currently not enjoying it, I would not buy the final game, seeing as how I have actually only seen games worsen from Beta>Final. Because good new mechanics get watered down whilst things like armour lock squeeze through.

(I also think it is slightly ironic that I got bored of H4, a ‘full’ game, quicker than I did the H3 and Reach betas despite them only having 1/2 maps.)

I agree on the Halo Beta bloom. Never really noticed how awesome a game is before release. Makes me wanna see all the cut content that would have made most great games.