If Halo 2's ending wasn't cut off due to the crunch

Ok so you all probably knew that Halo 2’s cliffhanger wasn’t intentional. Bungie had to cut out the last act of the game due to time and resources. However, if they would have had time to finish, then Halo 2 would have an ending with “…a finale on Earth…” according to a Bungie employee. How do you think that would have panned out originally, and what do you think Halo 3 would have been like if Halo 2 wrapped up the war with Truth and the Brutes?

I think that the Chief would have killed Truth but like in Halo 3 the Arbiter would have delivered the final blow. The Covenant War would be over. Halo 3 would have gone to the ark, dealt with the Flood, and maybe delved into some Halo 4 territory.


I assume something similar to the first few levels of Halo 3.

Personally I didn’t like how the transistion from 2-3 happened. The last level in 2 or the first level in 3 should of been aboard the Forerunner Ship, explaining how the chief got off [I know “how” he got off but the events that lead up to it is what I’m talking about]. Cause really its never explained why the Chief jumped off the ship, you mean to tell me bad–Yoink- John 117 couldn’t storm the ship and blow a few bullets thru the Prophets head?

I’m just curious why ,instead of ending the war by killing the Prophet, did Chief just…jump