If H6 doesn't have black undersuits?

Describe your reaction, if you found out halo 6 won’t have black undersuits, or undersuit customisation.


Why are people so obsessed with black undersuits?

My reaction is thus.

…I’ll be just fine?

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> Why are people so obsessed with black undersuits?

Seriously, it’s a vocal minority that are waging a holy war against a perceived slight against their objective preference, and that’s all there is to it.

I will cry and destroy the earth shortly after.

Just kidding I’ll cry and then move on, gonna cry either way though.

I don’t care if suits are colored.

As long as they can be Black in FFA, and the customization screen.

I won’t be terribly concerned, because I use black/dark grey as a primary color anyway.

i couldn’t care less either way.

I would be very dissapointed, the community has made many efforts to bring black undersuits to Halo 5 so I hope 343 have listened and will make them return in Halo 6.