If Gears Of War 5 Could Do Splitscreen Co-Op In An Open World, So Can Halo Infinite

if its done for 80% and have put it on hold why there not keep working on it to make it 100% in the first place then?
since you give more trouble’s to the game’s reputation if things like this is going to happing.
you know also that after there told it that there is no split screen Co-Op comming that the forum threads have going crazy with hate against the company more for doing something like that.
when it was in the first place a promice there have make on the E3 few years back.
and since people have found a way to let it work good more you only make more trouble’s for the game reputation in the end if things like that is going to happing when people find out its working fine.

Granted, that game was designed with older hardware at the forefront and ran on an engine that didn’t totally blow chunks, but it’s a valid point to make nonetheless.

The problem is cost. All of your solutions require a new subscription, a new tablet/console, and a gigabit internet connection. I can personally name at least 3 people in my life who bought every Halo game up to Infinite, and played them offline, in coop. I have played it with them, at their houses, with no internet, on an original model Xbox One (or Arcade model 360 for 3-4). This type of response is just like “we have a console for people with no internet, it’s called the 360”, and people have him deserved grief for that comment.

The game is capable of 4 player local, we can and have done it through glitches, so the capability argument is gone, poor people exist so the quality argument is gone, all that remains is the nebulous “resources” needed to finish it. These resources were taken from coop months ago, the feature is officially dead, and we have only seen two maps, and a forge/file sharing beta. The battle pass is content that has been completed long ago, held back for monetization. It has been viewable in the armory, inaccessible, this whole time. Microsoft is killing consumer friendly features for cost savings, and monetization. Even if blame is taken off of 343, Microsoft is still the corporate entity holding the reigns, and trying to get our money for as little effort as possible. They cannot be allowed to skate by with a “well, I didn’t like co-op anyway”.

It’s what I kept saying. It’s not the tech. It’s who makes the games.

Incorrect. As mentioned on Forbes, Microsoft is one of many tech companies engaged in a hiring freeze. I have also confirmed this with my friends at 343.



There is no substitute for split screen. Having multiple devices connected over a cloud network is just online multiplayer with all of the net code and latency. The fact that online co-op campaign is possible means that split screen is as well. You can’t activate AI and whatnot as player 2 because you’re tethered to player 1. Split screen has been shown to to literally run on a 2013 Xbox One.

We used to able to play 4 player split screen just fine on a device that had a pentium III processor hooked up to a 15 inch box TV. Now that we have “12 teraflops” on “the world’s most powerful console” and 65 inch flat screens to boot, split screen has suddenly become resource intensive and we can no longer do it.

The verticality argument holds no weight as Halo always had verticality in its gameplay. Nobody ever had an issue using jet packs in Reach split screen multiplayer.

I’m sorry but I’m not going to convince my friends who come over that subscribing to some service they never use so they can play Halo on a 6 inch smartphone display over the cloud while sitting right next to me, is somehow better than playing on same damn TV.


It’s not a substitute is a way better experience. I can’t stomach halo Mcc in split screen anymore since it’s a piss poor experience. And I used to play split-screen on SD CRT TV back in the days. Times have changed and you can’t come with such a poor experience anymore. And let’s not compare other games (old halos and other type of games) to say what is technical feasible or not. Old halos did not had open-world and spawn able objectives on map since it was linear and you could only activate the next objective and everything activated only once in just 1 place on the map.

Make 1 dollar trial and play with them and the tablet not the smartphone. Because playing on your own display is a way better experience. And Hali did not had this kind of verticality in it’s old games. Using the thrusters does not mean you need to continously use your vertical space to grab objects for grapple and what other movement halo infinite provides.

Couch co-op is about physically sharing an experience. Not having a crapping experience.

The arguments about another device do not hold at all since we all have at least a tablet or a laptop in our homes not just new 65’ tvs and latest gen consoles. As for the argument of needing a subscription yes I can understand that and I believe that the new type of subscription that can be shared among many users contributing to scrapping co-op.

Simply put we can afford better experiences in those days with no additional costs to very little additional costs.

Thank you. Split-screen was common back when TVs were small and/or medium boxes and flat screens weren’t the norm yet. Gaming hardware wasn’t as strong as today. Now with all of these big flat screen TVs and better hardware, split-screen multiplayer has become a rarity? It can’t be done as much anymore? Come on man! That’s so lame.

A lot of it depends on how much work the remaining 20% actually is, too.

Please, please, please speak for yourself.

“we all have at least a tablet or laptop in our homes”
No - no, we do not.

Don’t assume to know everyone’s personal financial and technical situation.

Plenty of families are struggling our there right now, can’t just get a second device.

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but still if its a lot off work still for the last 20% then you still have a problem with it since the Co-Op split screen has also a promice add to it from few years ago.
so the risk’s for not release it only has become higher and more worse also then normal.
its more worse then forge if its get a delay again.

in the end are the risk’s then worth it still you get from it.
in my eye’s it was better there make the other 20% compleet since you can keep the promince still that has been make with the communety.

That 20% is a 80%-20% reference that states that 20% of the result requires 80% of effort. It’s how software effort is distributed. So do not scale it linearly. In the end I’m sure it all boils down to effort the quality of experience for an old script-screen experience versus a better cloud gaming experience

I speak not for myself but statistically consider the majority the great numbers and not social cases. And post Covid era when everyone was forced in remote scenarios everyone got a second screen of at least tablet dimensions in house. I wish people would stop using poverty and financial difficulties when talking about gaming. Gaming is entertainment is not food and survival. If you are having financial difficulties buying a gaming console is irresponsible. Slit-screen is a gaming experience and it should be a good experience not a poverty solution for whatever people like to use in their arguments

I can glitch split screen right now with all these the open world and spannable objects. The only down side being that the save file can be corrupted. You’re speaking out of your butt with this “can’t be done” shtick.

What statistics are you talking about. Last time i checked most families have 1 electronic device at home. Most families have slow internet making your suggestion of cloud gaming impossible for the vast majority of people.

Not true. Most household still have only one device.

Streaming games on could sucks. The quality keeps dipping in and out with a tone of screen tearing. Single player lag is also very common. Gaming on cloud is overall piss poor and infinitely worse than your theoretical description of what couch co-op in infinite would be like.

A) People could have easily owned a console before falling into poverty or financial difficulties. B) Even if someone is not struggling, spending an extra $1k-3k on devices (they themselves will not use) just to keep around for guests to have a “better co-op experience” is a little bit very dumb.

This all boils down to “Split screen bad. Small screen bad. Me like big screen. Don’t be poor. Buy more screen. Buy more subscriptions. Big screen good.”

Most people cannot afford what you call “a better experience” especially during a global recession. Put that we back in your pocket.
Hell I for one can afford to buy 4 Serise Xs and 4 tvs, does not mean that this will be a better experience. It just means that I’ll have 3 xbox and 3 tvs collecting dust until someone’s kids come to visit.

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