If Gears Of War 5 Could Do Splitscreen Co-Op In An Open World, So Can Halo Infinite

Gears of War 5 not only had an open world campaign, online co-op, versus modes, a horde mode, and online multiplayer. It also had splitscreen support for these modes. You can play co-op with up to three players in the campaign online or splitscreen. This is all on the Xbox One, so hardware is not an excuse. If Gears of War 5 could have splitscreen co-op in an open world with up to three players, so can Halo Infinite.


I agree. The big difference i see is that Gears 5 was complete when it launched while Infinite was rushed before most of its features were anywhere near ready. The updates have made this game better but it still feels like an early access title. But credit to the devs at 343i for making this game better little by little, it’s hard work.

Side note: Gears 5 is not an open world game.


the xbox one hardware is old.

if there was no problems at all with the serie’s X console then halo infinite has never got a release at all in the first place on the xbox one console’s.
then it was following the same thing with the game what it has done between halo reach to halo 4 to only release it on the next gen console.

about splitscreen its a waste to not release it only on the xbox Serie’s X and S and keep it out off the xbox one console since the support the xbox one gets now is i think only for a year or 2 before there drop it also and only the Serie’s X and S gets new update’s.

I think this whole splitscreen ideea is way over-exaggerated. This feature appeared historically because consoles allowed multiple input devices(controllers) and did not have network access. On certain type of games it works naturally because it translates into local play more than split screen. Think fighting games or fifa where either the amount of space between players is limited(fighting games) or you can switch characters(fifa). Turn based games can take turns with a single input device so can’t be considered here.

But for a fps that split-screen experience has always been poor. We accepted it because that was the technology but imagine now playing any game in split screen on an old SD TV set. I would say pass without thinking.

The whole ideea is to have couch play. Multiple people in the same physical space having a social experience.

Now in halo infinite case with an open-world and new mobility options this translate in a very poor experience. People will split to different parts of the map activating physics and ai in multiple map regions putting pressure on the computing resources. To fix that you must degrade the experience. Halo infinite has grapple that implies a more pronounce a vertical visibility. Splitting screen will again degrade performance.

I believe that 343i tried and found the enjoyment the experience lacking. At the same time the publisher(Microsoft) finalized the plans for the game pass ultimate family and friends option. And I believe that the lackluster experience and the new experience beeing in late beta stages from Microsoft simply made the whole split-screen concept obsolete.

Imagine the new experience possible (network co-op and the Xbox game pass ultimate friends or family). I allready have 2 controllers(you still need those for split screen). Now all I need is another screen any screen(tablet, laptop) and through clod gaming we can still play in the same space enjoying a social activity. But now we all use our screen with a good aspect ratio keeping the experience in proper parameters and not taxing local resources(cloud gaming uses additional resources).

For this new type of playing together in the same physical space the only additional requirements are a xbox game pass account(for cloud gaming). The event host can provide it or guest ca use it’s own account. And from hw perspective another screen(tablet laptop anything) and let’s be fair we all have a spare tablet or laptop lying around. It’s a better experience and I wish 343i would better communicate it. We are still playing together in the same space, still can see each other screen, still on the same couch, but with the game playing in it’s designed aspect ratio.


It isn’t about “can” 343 do it; of course, they can. The team is currently understaffed and has just chosen other priorities. Multiplayer is presently priority number one.


Dude, splitscreen is still in the works. It’s just shifted priorities. Last time they addressed this, they said that split-screen is 80% complete.

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If split screen is only 80% complete then how was it players have found a way to glitch themselves into split screen

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Better question, how was split-screen running so smoothly?

80% completion. Glitches are pretty much commonplace in game development. I’m just glad people got to play it early.

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and have there not proof and show also that it was also good working at the same time with 4 people in total in the campaign that there was no problems at all.


Yes, there’s several videos showing tests of it.

Seems like absolutely no reason that 343 couldn’t just wait until they have the personnel to complete that final ‘20%’ and then complete the work.


It’s relatively clear the OG Xbox One can handle it, even if poorly. They would only really need to implement 2 player local to appease everyone.


That is incorrect; as of now, it has been completely canned.

What? But they have 80% of it complete.

Doesn’t matter. They need the resources elsewhere. People may not know this, but the campaign DLC has been put on hold. I think the Halo 10-year lifecycle plan is out the window. Multiplayer is the priority, and all resources are being directed toward that. Maybe once the hiring freeze ends, plans will change, but until then, don’t expect much.


Halo infinite can support upto 4 players in splitscreen coop via glitch. Ths couldve been the first halo game to have 4 player coop splitscreen but well

been asking them to bring splitscreen to MCC pc for 3 years now. they talked about it for a bit but have been completely silent on it for about 2 years now. i don’t expect the feature to come back for infinite wether on just consoles or pc as well. 343 hates split screen it seems.

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No one said Halo couldn’t have split screen, 343 just said they wouldn’t do it.

Resources are needed elsewhere. Simple as that.

And I suspect that last “20%” requires more than 20% of the time and effort.

As a non-split screen advocate (it induces nausea) I am selfishly happy with this decision.

But I do appreciate how it is disappointing to a very passionate part of the Halo community.

Maybe one day…

Of all things that are righteous and holy , why is Co-Op spilt screen so important? I would rather have an online Firefight mode.

I wonder if 343 Industries is trying to gaslight everyone into thinking that “split-screen Halo” was never a thing and is caused by the Mandela Effect.

Sarcasm of course

They already said splitscreen coop was about 80% done (i’d say more like 90% as of what i’ve seen from people glitching it), but they had to relocate the resources to finish things up in order to get the live service working and fixing up bugs and desync issues etc.
I hope they’ll return and finish this some time later, and that they’ll add splitscreen to MCC PC