If Forge Releases before Servers/Desync are Fixed

I think this will be a huge mistake because players will come back to check out Forge and then quickly leave because of how frustrating the servers are….

At that point, 343 won’t really have anything big to bring players back and the game will fizzle in to the darkness.

I’m fearful for the future of Infinite.


By the Winter update they will have had 6 months or so of telemetry.

If they haven’t made a move on desync by then we’re in a spot of bother…


I think it’s save go say that desync won’t go anywhere. They build their whole netcode on this „feature“ and by seeing how the gamecode is unable to handle additional playlists, 343 isn’t able to drop the smallest drop pods IMO there won’t be a significant change. Maybe we get a blog post with some random numbers how it improved, but will it feel better? Imo no…

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Desync will not get fixed prior to forge release. In fact it may not get fixed at all.


If this is true, then Halo Infinite has no hope of a substantial resurgence.

A broken game is broken.

People don’t want to play a broken game.


Correct, they don’t. Which is why rumors of 343/Microsoft abandoning the ten-year lifecycle of Infinite have increased.

It is my understanding that desync is a multilayered issue that extends beyond 343.

I too do not believe it’ll ever get “fully” fixed.

They’re never going to completely get rid of LAG in this game, just for the record. They can only try to make it less impactful and that’s it.

It should be there (number one priority) you’d think but “No” 343i just loves to disappoint and while Halo Infinite had potential unlike Halo 4 or Halo 5 had, it’s ruined by the Server Issues! I think we all want them to fix Desync, Packet Loss, Jitter, High Ping, Latency and ETC!

The Servers are chasing people away the content is similar to halo reach people will come back even if they get bored with it but the servers are just plan annoyance why would you want to play a broken game!

#343i fix the servers, should be a hash tag!

Had a few, but this is my highlight in the last couple of days:


Ive no idea how 343 thinks that there is any chance calling this BS a competetive shooter. :smiley:

Notice the 30 ping. 20 years back I had better working online games in CS 1.6 with a ping of 70 and a fraction of the bandwith.

Oh, another one.

Beside the fact I get placed in a game with 255 ping… getting shot AROUND corners is another experience. The whol time I could only see a fraction of the opponent while probably saw me as a whole. At least enough to headshot me.

It’s so pathetic. :smiley:


They moved resources away from Desync to work on. co op only for that to have stuff removed too.

If there was hope for the desync issue than I truly believe we would’ve heard about it now. This issue may be lighted a touch once server selection is released, but even then it’ll still be part of the game.

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people will prob check out forge out of curiosity then leave in general

Yep, desync from what I’ve been told is caused by three main issues.

  1. Slipspace, coding issues that can and will eventually be cleaned up.

  2. Xbox profile. Xbox apparently hasn’t updated it’s infrastructure on how it handles your profile data and therefore is causing a delay server side. This is a Microsoft/Xbox issue not a 343i issue.

  3. Azure server infrastructure. It’s no secret that Texas has the best server. This isn’t actually the server itself but the local infrastructure just being newer. Many states have older fiber optic lines or have issues due to natural disasters/weather that affect the area. Many ISP providers are updating infrastructure on government subsidies but this takes time so we’ll get there eventually.

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Imagine coming up with every excuse possible while no other game ive seen has nearly as bad deysnc issues as halo infinite

They abandon this game and I abandon Halo.

This is why we need our own dedicated server software!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left: