If for some reason Season 3 will last another six months, the very least 343 can do is give a 200 tier battle pass

Seasons should last 3 months max. But I’ve heard rumors already that Season 3 will also be 6 months long. Ugh. First of all I don’t agree with this method of promising that co-op and forge will be ready in seasons 2 and 3 respectively, but when it later turns out that isn’t possible, to just make seasons last for a super long time. Just swallow your pride 343 and say it isn’t doable, and under no circumstance make seasons longer than 3 months.

But if for some reason Season 3 will be another 6 months, the least you guys can do is give a 200 tier battle pass. One of the most boring things in Halo Infinite is that once you complete the battle pass, you can earn 1 item for free per week, but BUY somewhere between 15 and 50 items in the shop. Sorry, but that is just lame and boring.

So by giving a 200 tier battle pass, that CAN fix some of the boredom of a 6 month long season.

These rumors are uncorroborated at this point.


I know, that’s why the first word I use is “if”. :wink:

I hope 343 understands how bad another six month season would be for this game. The amount of momentum that has already been wasted with two six month seasons between substantive content additions has been terrible for Infinite’s elevator pitch “Live Service,” always-expanding nature.

They hyped up Slipspace as a major investment in the future of the series that would work as a steady and frequent content pipeline, but that hasn’t been at all reflected by these first two seasons.

If a sustainable schedule really is six months for seasons, they absolutely need to massively buff how much new content is added with each season. Daily players burn through a 100 tier pass in a few months at most. A 200 tier pass would be a good idea for if/when they give us another 1/2 year season.

But it looks from the outside at least as though they can’t keep up with content demand at all- Uny’s comments about the rationale behind no daily store slot for S2 are pretty revealing on this score, IMO.

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