If everyone wants Infection dedicated maps...

Then why not have a reskin of each MP map?

It would make much more sense than creating infection only maps, or making forge overly complicated to get the “fleshy” feel of the flood into the map.

Say there’s 10 maps on disc. There would then be another 10 maps, that play the same, but with a flood environment/broken abandoned version with a different atmosphere and lighting.

These “infection” variants would have their own forge pallet, with every thing from spores, to tentacles that move, door ways, and lots of other things, with the option of coloured backgrounds and things for the level.

good idea?

It’s better to design maps that are built around the playlist, and gametypes they are for. Do I need to bring up the Cage, or any of Reachs default Infection maps?

How about they just make dedicated Forge maps for Infection?

Building maps only for that specific playlist goes a bit too far.
Just modify some maps, or use a maps like Forge World with its empty spaces, and build dedicated maps (mazes, haunted houses, things like the original -Yoink!- Zombies map etc) in them.
Takes less time, and the effect is the same.

Oh, and dedicated maps are a must for Infection. Really.

I could see 343 adding a Flood map pack, with a Flood Forge map with set pieces that look designed for creating infection maps, a variety of FX, maybe some new pieces like breakable walls, etc. Also, it would include a Flood firefight map.

If friggin Star Wars is doing zombies, I think that Halo is probably going to have a zombie pack at some point.

Building a map for only one gametype is extremely detrimental for the game. This goes for any gametype. There just is no reason to make Infection specific maps and leave the game with very narrow map selection when it comes to regular maps.

Maps dedicated for Infection should be made in Forge as they ahve always been. You can’t deny that some forged infecion maps wouldn’t have been cool. So instead of wasting development time to make maps that are only going to be played with one gametype, they should add some infection scenery to the Forge palette.