If all of my fav halos, (reach, ce, 2, 3, 4, 5, and infinite) where turned into a movie franchise

what will the rotten tomatoes be at if halo reach, ce, 2, 3, 4, 5 and infinite were turned into movies. and if you want halo 4, 5, and infinite to more successful than it was before, what would you change about them to make it as loving as the original bungie halo games? any ideas?

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I’d love to see true Halo films that follow the already established lore closely instead of trying to rewrite the lore every step of the way. Even if the films were animated or CGI. Sadly, I highly doubt this will happen, not with 343 in charge. Maybe if 343 outsourced it to a completely unconnected company it might amount to something worth while, but 343 has a nasty habit of polluting the narrative and making unnecessary changes to anything they can.

For example, they had an excellent opportunity with the Halo show on Paramount, but they screwed that up big time and pretty much stole the idea of Halo and tried to do their own thing with it… sort of like one of those really crappy remixes of an original song that nobody asked for.

Realistically speaking, if 343 did attempt a trilogy of Halo movies, they would almost certainly turn out like how the latest Star Wars trilogy did except it WOULD NOT have made nearly as much money as the failed Star Wars trilogy did though lol


fr, idk why whoever made that series thought that what they did with the story was a good idea. just looking at the games you could tell where it was going. halo fans largely did not like the extreme art style and gameplay changes made from the OG to the new 4/5, then halo wars 2 comes out and is well received bc it was more faithful to the old style while also telling an interesting and new story with characters that had not been expanded on. which would lead to infinite’s story. one with i think mixed opinions of the story but personally i think it salvaged what it could fairly well. but that story was left open ended so we’ll see where it goes.

maybe as an original story the tv sereis would have escaped a lot of the criticism it got. but using an established name came with certain expectations from those they were marketing to and it comes with baggage with regards to your creative liberty if you have no understanding of the world your story is supposed to exist in. They could have adapted old stories into a series or told a new story and expanded the world of halo, but instead they chose to rewrite halo from the beginning and most if not all did not like it.

even i tried to give it a chance by turning off what i know about halo and just accept the series as it is, but even then i found it boring and didnt make it past the 3rd episode.


I think a short series using the we are and landfall props
Featuring the cast of Halo 3 ODST prior to the game.
Like one or 2 ops prior would be the best chance of a high tomatometer score for the halo franchise.

Because it needs to be very closely connected to the games but not a retelling to get the widest base of fans happy imo.

It could end with a MKV chief cameo voiced by downs and a radio cameo of johnson as they make their way to cairo.

Self contained for the casual audiences, light on the fantasy lore of the reclaimer games and tv series.
Light on forerunner elements.
Just zealot aliens vs humanity and news of a spartan discovering an alien super weapon as backdrop.
Wide appeal while being set squarely and neatly in the the most well known and regarded section of the universes narrative.

I think reach ce could do well.
2 could do well after a CE.
3,4,5 would all be failures.
Great ideas but horrible execution in all 3 naratives.
Infinite isore saturday morning cartoon than block buster films with its villain of the weeks and emotional lessons plus light pg humour.
It feels more like ghostbusters or godzilla the animated series than the films they spun off from imo.

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Up until Halo 3 you’d have the Chad Master Chief, laconic like the Ancient Spartans, with dry humor, focused on his mission, and with his helmet almost always on, like The Mandalorian. It would be received really well.

Then, with Halo 4 and later… well, you’ve already seen that Chief in a movie. He is emotional, showing us his face and underwear, telling us about his childhood memories instead of - you know - someone else telling us his story for him… screen time is shared between him and an edgy female teen… Chief is being a big time -Yoink!- nailing a female spy etc. (apparently the word that describes the pathetic behavior of a male craving for female attention, is censored) To make it short, it’s a Chief written and directed by people who seem to have a problem with strong male characters.

You’ve already provided the idea and answer. : )

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Here, I’ll write a paragraph for each one. These opinions are not my own.

Halo: Combat Evolved - 6/10

“A dirty-nailed Us Vs. Them Science Fiction film, following an unstoppable powerhouse who is difficult to relate to, and an Alien menace that is at best enigmatic. By the numbers story with a dash of body horror evocative of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, underlined by an incredible score and tight dialogue delivers a satisfying turn-your-brain-off experience.”

Halo 2 - 7/10

“Despite following two stories at once, the pace never lets up in this introspective character driven drama where the prior star seems to have become a one note deuteragonist in favor of the newest alien protagonist who eats most of the screentime. That said the story is much tighter and the score is even stronger this time around and greater context is given to the mysterious world of Halo.”

Halo 3 - 6/10

“Fans clamoring to finish the fight are sent on what seems to be an epic journey that ultimately doesn’t reach the emotional highs or mysterious lows of the prior two installments and seems to be racing itself to get to the end. While not as carefully written as its predecessor, it’s a far stronger film than the original.”

Halo 3: ODST - 8/10

“A midquel taking place between 2 and 3, this character driven drama scales back the action in favor of a quiet, introspective Sci-fi Noir saxaphone punctuated stroll through the experiences of a team of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, who made their debut in Halo 2. Unfortunately, while Nathan Fillions role as Sergeant Buck is fun, it isn’t because the dialogue is tightly written, as is seen with the co-star Veronica Dare, starring the excellent Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galactica fame. Even still, the film puts us in the shoes of the Rookie, a silent protagonist that lets the world speak for him.”

Halo Wars went straight to DVD and is a cult classic with a low score on rotten tomatoes.

Halo: Reach - 5/10

“Is anyone else getting tired of war stories this year? Set before the events of the original Halo, Reach takes us through the hopeless, downtrodden, wonderless, war ridden days of Reach, a fascinating but barely-explored world where new Spartans who we never get a chance to know die all too soon and have wholly unexplored history. While its visual effects are lovely, its score leaves much to be desired, as does its writing.”

Halo 4 - 6/10

“Moving into almost high-fantasy with its world, Halo 4 brings us back to the not-so-jolly green giant, Master Chief, and his understandably distraught and breaking-down cohort Cortana as they race against time to save her from a condition that will cause her demise. Facing a villain that never really gets much development and a UNSC completely unfamiliar to us, the story never feels like it has time to touch base and never stops moving long enough for us to soak in the gravity of Cortana’s eventual death. The soundtrack is fresh but esoteric and the setting is at times difficult to recognize, but it is certainly still Halo.”

Halo 5 - 6/10

“Halo 5 seems to be the victim of writing-by-committee, as much like several other entries, it introduces a myriad of interesting concepts and developments and reconnects us with old guard characters like The Arbiter while smoothly showing us new ones like Spartan Locke, but speaking nothing of anybody’s actual motivations, save Chief, who somehow was contacted by the thought-dead Cortana to meet him on a glassed colony world. The new director of the new trilogy seems to have considerable trouble with pacing, but endless imagination. One wonders if a TV series would do this franchise better at this point.”

Halo Wars 2 was a Netflix TV series with one season that went pretty well and fans considered it a return to form. It scored very average on Rotten Tomatoes.

Halo: Infinite - 8/10

“Halo returns to the familiar setting of the title in question after 4 installments and has finally learned to show us who Master Chief actually is, even recalling bits from novella that some may not have seen. Cortana, seemingly dead was replaced by the same, yet unfamiliar face of The Weapon and joins Master Chief and his new friend, a Pilot, to unravel the mystery of what happened while he was out of the picture for half a year. What unravels is a fairly deep and somber story about failure, old grudges and moving on from loss. The new director finally seems to realize the potential of the franchise. We can only hope that the negative reception doesn’t give us another Rise of Skywalker when this one’s sequel comes along in a few years’ time.”

Anyway, this was written from the standpoint of a fictional movie critic. Hope you enjoyed. Their opinions, again, are not my own.

This is just my job as a writer, lol. Make a new person, stand in their shoes, be them for a little, and take the shoes off.

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its the wrong thing to do more if there turn the game’s in to movie’s since some part of the mystery the game is going to be destroy more.

and it turns most of the time’s bad then the game it self more.

look the halo Paramount movie it has destory more the mystery about Master Chief more when there show him the real face under the helm has destroy more the mystery from it.

if its somebody that knows how the game campaign stroy go’s and make a movie from it then its maybe a good thing if there follow the campaign story line.
from halo reach campaign first then halo CE after that halo 2 then halo 3, halo 4,halo 5 and then halo ifninite become’s think a good movie but then there most follow the campaign missions good and not what there have done in the Paramount to do things what feels not good for the game fans.

and the voice actors most also be the same as in the game since look at the new mario film how diffrend and wierd the mario voice is in the film then in the game’s

Huh? Oh it’s you again.

I literally said I was writing from the perspective of a possible critic. I didn’t look for anyone. It was a creative exercise.

I don’t think you understand what that means. Enough out of you.

Who’s “they”? You said “Their opinions, again, are not my own.” The more I read it again, the more bizzare it seems.

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Adapting games to movie will never be a good idea, movies must tell new stories which were not told in the games and which are canon.

“A” writer, i.e. single entity. “They”, who are they and why is their opinion not your own since they don’t exist? Anyhow, you don’t seem willing to explain anything so I’m dropping it.

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oh are you actually - oh no, that’s so sad.

You’re confused about a singular entity using “They” aren’t you. Okay, so… Since you need this explained and spelled out for you, you use “They” if you are unsure of the identity of someone. (Or, if they request you use they/them).

They is not only plural. But like, I also know you’re sealioning. But I guess I can fish around here for a second longer. Did you know, writers write characters that they don’t share the opinions of all the time? That’s how stories are made.

No, you don’t understand. It wasn’t me wondering about what you wrote. I’ve understood. It was some fictional character. But I don’t share opinions with them, so please better refer to them and not to us.

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Okay, well, I was referring to them. Not you.