If 343 is considering a Halo BR, I hope they do this

First off, I don’t think Battle Royale should be added to Halo Infinite until multiplayer gets some work, i.e. playlists, cosmetics, etc.

Alright, let’s begin.
So I’ll be honest, I know very little about how Battle Royale works these were just my thoughts when the Dr. Disrespect/other streamer reviews happened.

Since multiplayer in Infinite is canonically your Spartan training for battle I thought it would be cool if a BR would be how the ODST train. Like, at the start of the match you drop pod down, and anyone/anything under you gets crushed. Maybe you could have a timer before the match starts and during that time you could choose where you drop?

And maybe they could integrate making existing weapons be able to be silenced, or make new silenced weapons, maybe even use this time to introduce assassinations? Maybe a new melee weapon?

Also, maybe they could use a bunch of old maps/callbacks to old maps, or do maps on different planets or biomes. Maybe they could do a map with a big lake/pond and make a water vehicle?

These were just my quick thoughts, I’m curious what you guys think!

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they wouldn’t waste their time creating a new engine, building a game from the ground up to be used solely for a BR, I would venture a guess that if they a BR it’ll just be an aspect of Infinite. It wouldn’t be ODST.

I ment it would be an add on, sorry I didn’t make that clear

Do you mean BR starts? I’m in favor of more BR start playlists for sure, AR and sidekick are fun and all but I need more BR in my life lol

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Not what I ment, but I do agree that Halo Infinite could use more content (aka br starts) :slight_smile:

Once Forge comes out you will have your BR.

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I think you misunderstood, I honestly don’t care if br gets added I’m just curious if ODST is a good fit for it’s style of game play

I want to see a BR in some form or fashion, for sure. The ODST/Marine style BR is interesting by itself, but that may limit certain things that are specific to spartans if you’re trying to keep it lore-specific.

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I didn’t even think of that! Thank you!

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I dont subscribe to the idea that everything has to be to a tee, when it comes to following the lore or background of a universe, though. If we used ODST’s and had the ability to upgrade things armor/shields like spartans, or use equipment, then that could be fun I think… I believe that when forge comes out and people have this open sandbox to mess around in – someone will make a BR. I just hope it eventually works its way into regular game modes on Matchmaking, like infection or grifball did in the past… I think it could attract a whole new set of players – particularly from the younger gamers that are attracted to Fortnite or Apex. I, for one, love those games and still play them. I will be on Fortnite tonight in fact lol.

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I don’t think many get how boring Halo would be in a BR mode (unless it’s a BR-only weapon mode haha)

Seems like most just want to skydive, because that is cool…

A better mode would be more of a tournament-style where players or teams get eliminated each round.

There’s a few different approaches. You could go Fall Guys style and place all players on the map with a number of rounds for eliminations… OR, just go Bracket-style which opens the possibility for the feature used widely for HCS or 3rd-party tournies.

But, anyway, those are my views on this.

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Thank you!

(I’ll be honest, I really do just like the idea of skydiving, lol :laughing: )

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