if 343 brings back old maps for DLC

basically, if 343 announces that they are bringing all the old maps from 1 previous game back for HALO 4, what would that 1 game be?

Halo 2!

and Avalanche from Halo 3.

Halo 3

Although, I honestly hope they don’t remake any map from older games and charge us for it, most of the time the maps don’t even play well when copied from another game.

Take Blood Gulch in Reach, the DMR ruined that map, I’m willing to bet that the DMR in Halo 4 would ruin Sandtrap, Avalanche, Standoff, Last Resort, Valhalla and Sandbox, heck I bet there is more.

none simply because they won’t work in halo 4.

anniv map pack in reach is a perfect example of this.

I hope not. I want new maps.

But I consider not buying any DLC maps because 343 removes them ffrom matchmaking I think. They did with Reach and said that was because of Halo 4 or something. Then with Halo 4 they say it’s because of Halo 5.

Unless the maps are really worth it I won’t buy it.

Halo 2

i was thinking HALO CE because with all games after HALO CE, you had the ability to play online (HALO 2 would be via LAN) and playing HALO CE via LAN would be just about impossible, and that HALO CEA failed to deliver us all the CE maps we loved so much (i really wanted the original Blood Gulch back) so i think it is a good idea to bring back all (this time) HALO CE maps for HALO 4 DLC

> Halo 2

you can use the poll above the post you know?

Old maps will all play terrible with Halo 4’s mechanics.

First thing I would demand is they be made free.

I think we’ve had enough Halo 1, and 2 remakes and that bringing back a map or two from Halo 3 would be awesome.

> I think we’ve had enough Halo 1, and 2 remakes and that bringing back a map or two from Halo 3 would be awesome.

This, halo 3 maps where awesome IMO, apart from islolation. The thing is how will they play with halo 4’s gameplay as they will probably play really bad.
Guardian has to be my fave map of all time.

if they did do this thing again, it is likely they will have playlists where you dont use the HALO 4 mechanics, they said that there will be playlists where you just have traditional halo gameplay, no armor mods, no ordinance drops, just you, 1-15 other players and your traditional gameplay, you would be playing those maps like you just got off HALO CE/2/3, but without dual wielding in 2/3’s case (they better bring that back)

Stuck between Sandtrap and another lovely remake of Zanzibar.

Maybe if it was just one old map in a DLC, but an entire DLC for old maps? Nah, i’m good.

Halo 2 and 3 had far by the best maps. So either one of those.

Avalanche would be a sight for sore eyes!

Guardian <33

Sandbox/Sandtrap, Foundry and something like Standoff. Those three would be solely for Forge. God, the amount of replay value those maps gave and epic forge maps were just super awesome.

> Halo 2!
> and Avalanche from Halo 3.

Either this, or blood gulch.

I just want new maps, I don’t want remade maps, the only good remade maps were from Halo 2 and they’ve already remade a whole bunch of them.