Idle Matchmaking Ban

Last night I left mid-game to calm a crying baby and returned to a four-hour Arena ban. As someone who doesn’t get all that much time to play in the first place, this is incredibly frustrating. I’m not going to ignore my child for a match of Team Slayer so is there any public posting of the ban algorithm so I can see if its safe to play? A system this punitive makes it a lot less likely for me to invest my time and money in this game.

Another bump here. WTF. I had a baby crying issue, so I needed to step away. Then I was banned. Is MSFT and Halo developers anti-family?

If this happens again, selling and never buying another halo game again.

Same. Just happened during this profile-sync error period we’re currently having. Started searching BTB and sat for 10 minutes with no match found. One of my twins woke up so I went to change her and put her back to bed. came back and saw my game going. Literally RIGHT when I sat down I got kicked. Nothing happened. So I searched for 10 minutes ago. Nothing. Restarted game, and was greeted with an AFK ban for 4:41. Wow…