Idle Guests in Regicide

I ran across a problem while playing Halo 4 with a friend today, and I was wondering if other players have encountered it as well. We went into the Regicide playlist and had games wherein two people (on seperate occasions) repeatedly killed their idle guests to get ahead. I didn’t think it would be a big deal because of Regicide’s mechanics, but these guys were able to just camp around and wait for other players while still racking up kills.

I have a couple of videos in my file share that show the games I’m talking about. I noticed that their guests had no kills at the end of the game, and seeing that most of their kills were on their guests (followed by checking in Theater) confirmed it for me. It’s certainly something that I can just report and forget about, but it really kept me and my friend from having fun.

I’m really hoping that guest cheesing like this doesn’t become a problem for matchmaking. Whining and hope for the Banhammer aside, has anyone else seen similar situations while playing online?

I have also seen this happen in other gametypes.
Some people rubberband their controllers in Spartan Ops for xp while others do the work.

Thats called boosting, and they will get the magical banhammer.