identifying fireteam members on the battlefield!

Hello fellow Spartans
I cant be the only one with this problem or am I missing something. When ever I start up a fire team with friends or a party and play some war zone we get lost with each other or cant find each other. Our Spartan IDs help a little but that’s about It. When we get separated or die and respawn we cant seem to find each other and we’re all in a Spartan company too. Is there a setting or an option that applies a waypoint or a different colors for a fire team or party of friends in the same lobby. (Example C.O.D or Battlefield) If there isn’t a setting or option we should rally up together and let 343 know .

There is not an option but I’m with you 100%. Fire team members service tag should always show up on your screen in a gold color and should be on your radar

I wish more people were concerned or 343 knew the problem so it could be fixed.

yeah i agree with op, also why can’t i see what my friends are doing? and can we also get a clan roster of who’s online?

I’ve been griping about this since day one.

343 changed it to where you can only see your team mates on screen within a certain distance (not sure how far though)

Either way it’s a huge inconvenience and I find myself not being able to find my friends without physically asking them.

I see WHY they did it, (to promote better teamwork) but they don’t seem to realize that more matches are played with randoms then with full teams equipped with mics, and even then warzone shouldn’t be put on a competitive level in the first place…

Well Hopefully in the next update I hope they tweak a couple of things for stuff like this.