I recently played SPV3 for the first time, and wow, it adds a lot. It’s one of my favorite mods for Halo CE, and it had some really awesome things I really hope could be in Infinite. Remember how you always wondered why chief could not just rip the shield of a jackles arm and use it, So did I, Maybe in Infinite everything that NPCs can use, we can too. Think about it, Driving Scarabs, Lich’s, Phantoms, using a hunters explosive gun after tearing it from their body. What would you want to use most?

thats what i thought of when halo 3 released lol. Over the years… ive come to realize wishes like our own wont be actualized unless something changes… us, or them. At the moment from what i can imagine, there is a very large community that wants a polished game rather than a game with everything. To them, its not just about having it in the game… its also about “balance” … making it work well … not over convoluting the sandbox… etc

From my perspective both can be accomplished… having all the sandbox items aaaand balance and polish… but that would require alot… and i mean ALOT more work.

initially few things come to mind… some npc use scripted vehicles… i imagine the scarab is one of the main prime examples… not sure how well that would function. Covanant and unsc space ships might be another example of vehicles that could potentially be entirely scripted. (maybe scripted isnt the word im looking for? pre-scripted? what i mean is its not an actual vehicle but its a scripted object)

Anyways a few things come to mind that i wish i could use both from outside of the main halo games and within. for example the covanant anti orbital platform… seen on halo 3 the mission the storm… and halo reach the mission tip of the spear. drop pods… seen in halo 2 , halo 3 , odst… and alot others…
AA wraith… seen in odst and halo 3 (maybe halo reach too… i dont remember)
of course … the things you mentioned are at the top of the list of things id like to see.

#1 thing i want is a scarab.
#2 … pilotable ODST drop pods. (maybe as spawn points?)
Had to mention the second… cuz… its just awsome in concept imo


Does it make you comfortable to know that the MJOLNIR shields are reverse-engineered from Kig-Yar shields? Either way, probably because there’s better options around. I barely used the Jackal Shield in SPV3, but when I did, I had to immediately change tactics because it just didn’t work for me. Most of the rounds being fired against you are plasma, known to strips energy shields quickly. It’d work far better against projectile rounds, but that only happens by the Outbreak half of SPV3, when the Flood and Savage Covenant are introduced. The problem is that both plasma and projectiles are being used by both forces, which demotivates me from using the shield at all. Why would I choose a shield that falls quickly to plasma rounds when there’s a Shotgun or Plasma Pistol to go around with my BR? The Plasma Pistol to strip the shields of both living and “dead” Sangheili or the Shotgun to punish those foolish enough to get close (aka most of the Flood enemies you’ll encounter)?

Driving a Scarab. While not out of the picture and definitely possible, it wouldn’t really work in a multiplayer environment. It’s slow and while it certainly packs a punch, it’s weapons are also a bit too slow. With just the right strategy, you can complete every Scarab battle in Halo 3 without taking damage from the Scarab itself.
Therefore, it only works in a single-player environment. The problem is that you’d have to dedicate an entire section for it, and a bigger problem is what foes would you fight that could realistically be tough enough for a Scarab. So far, nothing from what I’ve seen from the games could be an actual threat to it (except the Mammoth, but that’s another case). It’s more likely that you’d spend more time fighting off invaders or a better time with other vehicles instead of the Scarab. The custom map “Extinction” elaborates on this perfectly. It may be cool to drive a Scarab, and given CE’s physics, you don’t need to worry about Invaders. But it’s slow, it’s weapons take time to fire and foes just need to keep distance to render the Focal Cannon pretty much useless.
Does it feel cool? Yes. But does it play cool?.. I don’t think so =/.

As for Lichs and Phantoms, I don’t have much to say. Perhaps for the Phantom, because thinking about it, the Lich almost looks unfun to use. We’ve only seen it using one unique weapon, and it was used to neutralize (not destroy) the Mammoth’s Mini-MAC. The rest of it’s defenses are regular Plasma Cannons that Infantry use.
The Phantom, though, presents far less problems. It’d probably still need a dedicated section, but it could actually be fun, given that it’s not too slow, it’s weapons are just right and is pretty vulnerable to AA fire, thus still forcing you to take every section more seriously. The Phantom could definitely work.

As for the Hunter guns, we got the Wicked Grasp and Berserker’s Claw in Halo 5, two Hunter Cannons treated as 3rd person Heavy weapons. Fun and satisfying to use, as well as pretty powerful, almost unchanged from the variant used by the Hunters. Still, the thing is that these cannons aren’t obtainable from slayed Hunters. They’re already ripped and primed for other Infantry to use. With that said, it’d be interesting to see if Infinite kept these weapons, and if yes, how this arsenal is expanded and worked around to be obtainable from fallen Hunters.