Ideas to make the battle pass progression a little less tedious

I think a way to incentivise people to try and win matches, 343 should make it so when you win you get 100xp for the play any game challenge instead of 50. Another way to make the system better is to make it so you can make progress on ALL your weekly’s at the same time instead of just 4 at a time. This would be helpful because for example, I’m not that good of a CTF player and I got 2 CTF related challenges, one for capturing 4 flags and another for capturing 10 flags. Asking for 14 flag captures in separate games is a lot to ask for me especially when I can’t vote on which game mode I’m playing in exactly. I think if they made it so you can make progress all the time like On MCC it would make it more fun.

I think “challenges” are a lazy attempt to get players to play a certain way. Many games, especially F2P games, use this technique as well. It also causes burnout and people just give up due to the always fear of slow progression if they don’t complete said challenge.

There should be more inventive, rewarding approaches that make it fun and encouraging to play.

I think I preferred it when there was a one-time achievement for completing x number of [goal]

I’m not sure that’s an intuitive approach as well though.

An XP algorithm that is calculated during matches based on various strategies used and performance might be more ideal. But it would need to balanced so bad players can progress equally and bot players don’t benefit from it

Right now I can only think that they swapped to challenge based progression to either avoid the ‘it’s been done before’ approach of XP based battle passes (A rediculous notion because XP based works and there’s no need to deviate to make a good game) or they’re artificially slowing the battle passes due to the length of time they’ll be available for.

I think the general consensus across the forum is that an XP driven system powered by your ingame score, win state, medals and objectives completed. Even reach had this system, and it worked great. If 343 want to affect the speed at which players progress, then they can alter the XP gaps between levels. I don’t mind a long grind at the upper end of the chain if there’s something to work for, but right now a long grind per level for a slightly less white white armour smattering is a litte tiresome. I hit BP Lvl 10 last night and that felt exhausting.

There are people who play halo for the badass customisations, just as there are those who play for the gratification of winning and doing well. I lean more towards looking awesome whilst trying to do well, and currently it’s a real slog.

They don’t even need to make all the weeklys available at once. It would be cool if we could choose which ones were active. Then we could control a little bit of how we want to play at the time.