Ideas To Better Halo Gameplay

I have played all of the Halo games barring Halo Wars. The ideas I am sharing are ones I have seen and ones I hope to see in the near future.

  • Dual wielding

  • U.N.S.C. aircraft in multiplayer

  • A tactical package/support upgrade that allows the user to carry large capacity clips (such as a 50 round clip for the assault rifle and a 45 round clip for the battle rifle {this would still allow for all shots to be fired in three-round bursts}).

  • A select fire system for the assault rifle (other weapons could be changed as well, but the assault rifle could use it the most). This would allow the user to select if he/she wants to use full-automatic or a single but more accurate shot.

  • A feature that allows the users in campain multiplayer to select one to play as Master Cheif and the others play as their own spartans (I understand that you may think this wouldn’t make sense, after all “Why would their be other spartans in the cryo-chambers on the Forward Unto Dawn?”, but please remember that this would be used in Halo 5 after Master Cheif is on board the Infinity with your spartan).

  • While spartan customization has come a long way it would be nice to be able to cusomize more than just his/her armor. This would allow the user to change how tall his/her spartan is, their spartans voice, and for clips where their spartan can take their helmet off the user can change thier spartans facial features (I understand the argument for not seeing your spartans face I just gave my opinion).

  • More shades of armor colors (needs a TRUE black). (BearSharrk)

  • Select walls that users can shoot through, breakable glass, or even just opening and closing doors. (Simmons x tFG)

  • More armor customization (such as the utility for the users leg in Halo Reach, but can be on either/both legs, or a knife on your right or left flank, or on the users waist, or a com. link over the users ear on their helmet). (S OOO DeM)

I realize that some of these ideas are most likely often submited and if so I apologize.

Please post your opinion so I can use them to improve what I already have. Thanks.

Destructible Enviornments and bigger Sandboxes and Skyboxes would be great additions.

Practical equipment like helmet attachments and ammo pouches and combat knife sheaths would have a welcome return I think. Especially if they themselves were customizable, and not fused to armor.

You have many great ideas and points here. Although we are able to customize our spartans in various areas, I completely agree with more customization. I think it is just one of those things to make the gameplay more enjoyable to the player. I must give my regards to 343i for the visors though, pretty much all I was looking for. Maybe a wider range of color shades to customize our spartans with instead of the standard 3 shades of each color we got in all the Halo games might be a good idea as well.

customization like in spartan ops but a few new addons tweaks, for campaign, perhaps like colonial marines, Weapon customization?

Ive got some good ideas.

Get rid of specializations, whats the point of them?

Less armor variations, because most of the ones in the game now are just stupid looking, and most of their names are synonyms.

More small detail armor attachments like the tacpad and ammo packs.

No more ridiculous armor abilities, keep it to combat roll/sprint/jetpack, just some basics.

Remove assassination animations because theyre pointless.

Bigger maps so I can be a sniper again.

Air combat map, large space-based map where the only way to combat the enemy is in aircraft.

Most importantly, send loadouts to the deepest pit of hell where they belong, along with everything associated with them.

[/li]- Bring back firefight

  • Precise Forging with trees, vehicles like revenant,spectre,falcon, chopper, hornet, maybe some Promethean vehicles, include other structures in forge like forruneer, and covenant.
  • Zip line in forge
  • mii covenant skull on spartan ops
  • Maybe the Stasis riffle should stop the player from moving who ever it hits or possibly be gun that blins the player like a flash grenade.
  • Make a classic playlist
  • skulls on spartan ops
  • duel wielding
  • Saraph in campaign
  • Option of ability strength in custom games like longer duration on jetpack and deadly auto sentry, or possibly the choice to move freely with hardlight shield and regenerate while using it
  • True ranking system
  • golden wathog easter egg
  • scarab gun easter egg
  • secret rooms in campaign
  • More medal like the ones in reach and halo 3
  • hardlight bridge on forge
  • better magnets that alighn perfectly in forge
  • maybe the brutes along with the skermish, drones, and engineers have a 3 way race find a hidden treasure on a planet versus the humans and covenant.
  • theater mode can be activated on the start menu when ever and you can use a mic when in or out of theater mode.
  • Elites and prometheans should be costumizeable characters.
  • bring back armor, from halo 3 and reach.
  • harder achievements
  • some armor should be unlocked after doing certain achievements or accomplishing hard tasks like halo 3
  • The return of the arbiter with shiny armor like the one in halo wars
  • armor lock in campaign, spartan ops, and firefight
  • include more mystery
  • the option to have change veicle appearance in forge for example you can change the banshee’s apperance to look like the heretics banshee
  • official mythic difficulty using a spartan emblem
  • bandana skull can’t be used when doing challenges
  • bandana shull unlocked after beating game game on legendary or mythic
  • 4 player splt screen on campaign, matchmaking, and local
  • better special effects on forge
  • bring back forge world
  • able to use water in forge
  • unlimited budget in forge
  • take out kill zones in forge
  • Able to go higher without so many kill zones
  • lord hood
  • Scarab in campaign
  • the good elites should come back with new shiny armor similar to the elites in reach.
  • Rtas 'Vadum
  • you should make halo 7 because it would follow the halo religious theme
  • it would be awesome if chief found a drone hive and fought them off with a sentinel beam,flamethrower or battle riffle
  • custom control settings
  • In the campaign the chief should have Promethean vision for default and the arbiter should have invisibility for default.
  • Make the forge moniter glitch a easter egg in forge.
  • Some terminals should only be found on legendary
  • Spartan size option in custom games
  • 4 grenades of each type in campaign
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