Ideas to add to this title or the next

Some time ago (about 12 years ago), there was a game called “the world is not enough 007” for the n64 (I’m sure everyone knows what 007 is but in case you don’t… SUPRISE!!! Google it nao!). In that title they had a way to play against AI’s and it made for some good pass time when you didn’t have friends to play with and when you wanted a slight challenge or something to shoot at!

I know halo isn’t 007, but I think the idea being brought back to life is really worth a try, you would be touching base with those who don’t have xbox live, make them wonder what it’s like playing xbox live, make those who are bored and want a challenge play well, compel the competitive gaming community as well as those who are just wanting some fun while blowing up an MINDLESS AI!

if you could put this in (as an option) then allot of people would have fun with not only the campaign aspect of things, but you might even be able to put something like a “quest mode” in multiplayer when you’re going against AI’s and incorporate a different side (story) of halo. Maybe even make this part of the multiplayer story? Maybe? Why are reds fighting blues? You see what I mean?

anyways, thank you for reading, I hope you like the idea!

-Kla Kmou

Some time ago, about as long as the guy above’s, there was a game called “Turok: Rage Wars” for the N64.

Look in to it. You’ll love it.