Ideas spot for Halo 4

So this is going to be the ideas spot for Halo 4, people write down anny suggestion you have for Halo 4.
I ve come up with 3 new ideas/suggestions.First maps, so people love matchmaking but sometimes i would like to see more stuff. For example wouldnt it be cool that we could fight in water like halo 3 style(when you got into the water and everything was kind of blurry and you could shoot granades and stuuf) Like a map that you could fight in like a base on land and then you could go to fight on water maybe like with vehicles.Or like in space levels like the space stations in reach you could be able to grab a new flying vehicle and fight in space.Second, new vehicles.Something that i would really enjoy to see is new unsc vehicles like a motorcycle that has kind of the same style as the moongosee,or a new 1 person flying vehicle.Like a banshee but instead it is from the unsc and its more human made.Also i would like to be able to drive huge stuff like mammoths in halo3 were you can basicly transport a whole batallion, battle in huge vehicles would be epic!! and well im not very sure about this but maybe add water vehicles ( not very sure tell me what you think.) and finally i think it would be amazing if you could have variants for your assassination weapon i mean like in armor costumazation put a feature called assassination weapon. I mean we all love assassinations and maybe it could be cool that you could use different knives that trigger different assassinations. Like with a standard knife you could hit a certain side of the back of your opponent and trigger an assassination ( like reach style maybe grab the guy and stab him in the stomach.)But if you choose a different weapon, like maybe a variant with two knives, you would hit the same certain point as with the standard but instead it triggers a new animation ( like you kick him to the ground and then trow one knife at him and then lean and stab your other one and retrieve the one you saw, i dont know they can come up with something better.)but the point of this is that maybe when you get all of the assassination weapons (which could be standard knife, bowie knife,like emile’s,two knifes, and none (whcih could be like breaking necks or punching an enemy to kill him.) it unlocks a prize…the hayabusa katana!!! Because in Halo 3 we could not use it now that assassinations exist imagine how will it be. Well thats my ideas pls tell me if you like them so that we can prevent or be able to make 343 use this in Halo 4. Also post your ideas here so we can be able to tell u gys if the community likes them. :slight_smile: