Ideas on how can warzone be improved in halo 6?

I was curious to know what do you think that can be improved for the future iteration of warzone in halo 6. (And don´t say removing it, keep the topic constructive)

I would have the maps include locations which are much more open to accommodate vehicles better. In Halo 5 the first reward REQ Packs I won were related to destroying vehicles, most of which were grenades planted in the backs of Scorpions and Wraiths, made remarkably easy by how closed in the maps are. I’m not saying not to have dense locations, but that I’d like to see the maps have larger open areas as well (something like Halo 3’s map “Sandtrap”.

In general, I’d like the next game to not have any more soft-death barriers. Not much is more annoying than thinking everything is OK and then having the screen start to turn red and a timer appear that’s barely enough to get back if you’re lucky. Just have the barriers make sense (again the map Sandtrap had mines and the towers which provided a logical reason for why you die when you pass beyond a certain point. Or since Warzone is a simulation on the Infinity’s version of Star Trek’s Holodeck, they could have the edges of the map show on the motion tracker, so you know when you can’t go a certain direction without having to run into it. If they really wanted to be fancy they could add a shimmer-effect whenever you shoot or run-into the invisible wall.

I’d remove Armor unlocks from the REQ Packs, and make them earned for specific achievements and accomplishments like they have been in the past.

These would be my preferences, or at least the ones I think most of the community could agree to. But I don’t claim to speak for anyone but myself.

  • Bigger and more open maps that allow vehicle and ground play to mix better than it does now. As it stands the Vehicle combat in Halo 5 feels kinda like a niche addition because the threat of being boarded/destroyed right out of the gate…well… - Removal and replacement of static UNSC structured bases (Armories, Garages, Fortresses, etc.) to accommodate the theme of the maps more. It just doesn’t make sense to be on Sangheilios, a setting which the UNSC is not supposed to have a considerable presence on, and just walk around seeing predominant Human architecture around the map. I’d like to see more ancient ruins bases, some bases located in caves, other natural formations, not just Armories and Garages all the time. - Tune up of normal AI to improve reactions to stimuli in the world and effectiveness/responsiveness to enemy forces. Think more athletic moving/dodging, better flinching when injured, etc. - Reworking of Bosses to remove “Bullet Sponge” feel and increase uniqueness and dynamic functions in each and every one. You shouldn’t have to go face 2 bosses of the exact same type of enemy and just see a couple new abilities/weapons. That isn’t enticing. Also, to keep things interesting… - Inclusion of an option to play as select bosses. It would present an interesting situation knowing that there is a player controlling a unit that is purposefully more powerful than you instead of just some random, predictable computer. It would both eliminate and create new problems for the player to face, such as getting rid of 100% accuracy and predictability while allowing for harder and more intricate battles to occur. - Reworking of REQ leveling, similar to the “Equal REQ Approach” in The Cagey Bee’s “Warzone’s Fundamental Flaw” video. - Inclusion of extra possibilities to earn points through means other than attacking Spartans, bases and AI. Such possibilities vary, but could be anything between defending a power core to protecting a boss that fights alongside a certain team. - Rebuilding the REQ system, which includes, but is not limited to: 1.) Removing any and all cosmetic items from REQ packs. 2.) Restricting certain items/certifications behind challenges and achievements, as to prove you worked towards an item rather than grinding for it. 3.) Reworking of the pack openings to remove the RNG feel to it but still be able to keep the randomness the packs are supposed to provide, such as an “This pack may include a blank card” option where the number of potential certifications decreases as items become unlocked. 4.) Putting in a new method of acquiring packs that do not involve any sort of purchase with real-world currency, i.e. packs are gained from the completion of daily/weekly/monthly challenges or gained through playing/winning matches. The only time packs can be obtained with real money is if the packs are related to any HCS event as proceeds will go to the teams and the improvement of competitive tournaments only. 5.) Lower the costs of packs so as to ease off the emphasis of grinding for packs, i.e. Golds would now be priced at 7500 RP, Silvers at 3000 and Bronzes at 1000. This would make it not only easier and faster for a player who is both new and experienced at the game to acquire certifications quicker and to replenish one’s REQ stores, should they be low. Promotional packs for new armor/emblems would almost always remain around 50,000 RP to allow more players with low amounts of RP to be able to afford the packs through less grinding.Well, that’s all I got. If I think of any more I’ll edit them in. If you wanna comment, do it constructively, please.

A separate in-match currency that makes certain gear harder to get.
More events, such as weapon drops and pelicans unloading marines.

Matchmaking changes so teams of players are more likely to match each other.

Its still annoying solo queuing and matching a 6 man farming for Achilles

Make matchmaking based around team matchmaking, not skill matchmaking. Make it teams against teams, and solo players against solo players.

Also, give a handicap bonus to players who are only holding one or 0 bases. That way games don’t turn into losing battles all the time.

Ok, anyone on this forum knows that I love long posts (not reading them though)

Well shoot, here I go.

Ordnances, Drop Pods, AI Spartans:
At the same time, at both bases, ordnances spawn. Whoever picks them up, has the ability to summon either:

  • Marines for picking off Spartans or capturing bases - ODSTs for taking out common Bosses (Soldier Operatives, Elite Ultras, etc.) - Spartans (lower ranks so you command them like your team in the campaign) - Sangheilis for the purpose of taking out multiple Spartans - AI Vehicle Pilots (Attack Pelicans, 4 Wasp Squad, Warthog Brigade with 6 hogs)Weapon And Vehicle Drops:
    Around the places where bosses spawn, pelicans come in.
    And here’s the 2 types of Pelicans:

  • Team Specific Drops, with lower-grade weapons and vehicles. Easy to obtain, but not really worth it. Take a hog and use it as cover around the map or something. - Neutral Drops, with higher-grade weapons and vehicles. Harder to obtain, but worth the bloodshed. - Weapons only, but mid-grade weapons. - Vehicles only, Scorpions and Mantises alikeWith this system, REQs are customization ONLY. Making them cheaper. However, you get less RP for every game.

Bigger maps (and more variety of locations):
What I mean are bigger maps, and more places to use vehicles (like Apex 7. You can fly around in a banshee, but not very far)
So more abilities to use vehicles. And even maps where vehicles are mostly the best way to go. And even my idea:

UNSC Marathon Class Cruiser the "Glory’s Conquest"
You’re on a Marathon Cruiser (the really big ships) with 2 armories (N and S Armories) and the Hangar (in the middle).
You navigate the immense hallways and rooms of a UNSC ship. The hangar is key, giving you access to all the air vehicles (maybe in H6 we can get a UNSC Banshee that’s not a VTOL) and have dogfights outside the ship. And a way to shoot inside, with airlock windows that you activate to stay safe, which can be shot down fast. But they get auto-repaired after 2 minutes. Avoid windows XD.
The gameplay would be rather interesting. And the map is HUGE. There’s marines, ship engineers, etc. And a brig, which is where your Sangheili come from. You can free the Sangheilis and they fight for you. The other team imprisoned your Marine force? You free 'em.

And the cutscene for escaping could be really cool.
Your team (Blue Team), huddled in a strategic formation, walking down the hallway, shooting down one of the enemy Spartans (Red Spartan) shot by the rear guard.
In front, the front guard (is that a thing?) shoots further down the hallway, because that’s where they’re hiding. Behind hallways that derive from the main one you’re walking in.
They huddle behind cover, and this is Blue Teams’ opportunity to flee. They jump to the left, the hangar door. Walking down the staircase to the main deck, jumping into a Pelican.
The camera jumps back to Red Team, who pursue them.
Control is given back to the player, to briefly shoot the weapons they last had. Whoever is killed in this time, falls out (in first person)
Those who fell out see this:
In third person, the camera slowly moves backwards, behind Red Teams’ shoulders. Those that fell out of the Pelican look out at them, in fear (behind the VISR of course) and the camera goes black as the Pelican:
A: Lowers, and pulls those that fall into the Pelican.
B: Flies off, those that remained inside with their hands stretched out, as they lose a Spartan.
If everyone falls out, then Red Team wins.
If the Pelican escapes, then it’s a win.

And keep in mind, the blue and red Spartans in that final cutscene are your actual teammates. All of them get screen-time. Even the one red Spartan that was shot early on.
Kind of like Titanfall’s Attrition.

This map is best for vehicles, i.e Wasps and Hornets and Falcons (which need to return) and Banshees.

Now if we had playable Elites then we should get one team being Covenant.

Ok, another long post done.