Ideas - Halo 4 & 5;host, rank, weapons, CTF

I’m positive a lot these arguments have been parsed over, but I feel the need to rant being an avid Halo player, and being annoyed this past few weeks.

  1. Host- 50% of people quit due to lag. Why are we connecting to people in Argentina and/or New Zealand? Sure, the distance from Oregon to Texas, or New York to England isn’t too bad, but why are nine layers in the U.S. connecting to one guy in New Zealand? Keep players within a country, or a certain distance. All this does is force people to quit, which in return, loads players searching for a match into a laggy game which perpetuates the cycle – Maybe I should I quit–

  2. Rank- rank means nothing in Halo 4. Instead, what about basing matchmaking off of K/D? Too many players have achieved their ranking playing hours of senseless b.s., only to get thrown into a game where avid matchmaking Halo players end u dealing with their novice skills. Furthermore, why is it during matchmaking we have seven people in the lobby and Halo makes it 5v2? I know these people aren’t in a party because of the previous match; none of them have mics, so that can’t be it. Once again this perpetuates the cycle of quitting – Maybe I should quit–

  3. weapons- I found the weapons update to be exciting at first, then it sucked. It seems every player has turned to the AR. The DMR update-good, BR-good/kind of, light rifle-good; carbine-good. AR? The accuracy hasn’t changed. Now players can kill you faster without having to aim. If you want to stay with the times and make millions off your next version of Halo, you’d be wise to incorporate more customization to the weapons/loadouts (e.g. scopes,shotguns as a primary, different sniper rifles, perhaps giving us the ability to make the BR a single shot, a three round burst, and full auto). Controlling power weapons in Halo have always been a must, but times have changed, and so have the players. It would be nice to snipe that camper on the other side of the map with camo; oh wait, I can’t, because some lower ranked/ KD player keeps taking the sniper rifle and doesn’t how to use it – Maybe I should quit–

  4. CTF- CTF is by far the best objective game halo has to offer these days. Nobody knows how to play Dominion; and KotH is lost. I’m a huge a fan of bomb, but since 343 feels the need to be different, it’s never been included. Go back to old Halo flag respawn times; get rid of auto-flag pick up. Also, make it 6v6 all the time. Simplex can handle it. And, if you’re going to incorporate ordnance drops - can we deny the player capping the flag another speed boost??? I have raped teams because I’m able to get speed boost back to back after capping a flag.

p.s. I tried to post this over at 343, but I got one error message after another. Technology is so grand.