Ideas for warzone Gamemodes

Anyone have an idea for gamemodes for warzone? I’m thinking there could be an ai wave survival mode or an only air combat mode.

1: Commando:
Players get three AI that they command with the command abilites from the Campaign. The players themselves are unable to deal damage, but can do everything else such as drive vehicles, run around and so forth. The objective is to kill other Commanders and their squads. The AI’s themselves can be upgraded to other types, Grunts replaced by Jackals and so forth.

Special REQ cards: Different types of AI units to have in squad.

2: Fortress battle:

Two teams of say four defend their cores, but can’t venture outside their base. The players spawn AI that attack the enemy fortress and try to destroy their core, while defending their own.

Special REQ cards: Special units to send as attackers

3: Assassination

Teams of two have a special boss AI that they defend which go from checkpoint to checkpoint. They defend their own against the other team and try to kill the other team’s Boss AI. Players can put out turrets and traps at special locations in order to prevent enemy boss AI from accessing that area for a brief time or slow the other team down. Or alternatively help their team by making an area more protected.

Special REQ cards: Special turrets and traps.

4: Defend the fortress

MOBA style gametype. AI spawn which attack along certain paths towards the enemy base, they engage other players or enemy AI.

Players can take control over friendly AI to command using campaign commands, but leaves your own lane defenseless until a new wave spawn.
Neutral enemies on the map can be killed which grant energy which can be used to alter your spawning wave squads.

Players run around freely as they choose. While trying to destroy the enemy base’s core.

Special REQ cards: Different types of barricades to put up on lanes to slow down enemy units and provide support for own units.

5: Siege

Two teams with a fortress each defend against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Bases are identical and so are the waves spawning against each base.
No friendly AI.
Players can’t leave bases to attack or help the other team.

First team to lose their core is the losing team.

Special REQ cards: Barricades, traps, doors and turrets that can be placed in the short breaks between waves.

I was actually just thinking how cool it would be to have a Warzone mode made up of three teams consisting of one team of Spartans, one team of playable Elites, and one team of playable Promethean soldiers or Knights, and just go at it.

There was a game I used to play on the original Xbox, called Conker Live & Reloaded. There was a multiplayer game that involved attacking and defending gates. It went like this:

-There were 3 gates. Each of which had health just like a player, albeit much more than a player.

-The goal of the attacking team was to attack the gate itself to eventually bring it down, then move on to the next gate. Once they broke through all of the gates, they had to destroy an objective behind the 3rd gate, which had health just like the gates. Once they destroyed a gate, they unlocked a spawn point next to it so they could move to the next one more quickly. The attacking team wins by destroying the objective behind the 3rd gate.

-The goal of the defending team was to hold off the attackers by any means necessary, but they couldn’t repair any damage to their gates. The defenders usually only have one spawn location, but the attackers cannot enter that place. The defending team wins by having their objective still standing when the timer runs out (usually 10 minutes).

Additionally, there were ordinance stations where players could spawn equipment and vehicles. What players had access to depended on their class, but they had access to warthog-like vehicles, tanks, and air fighters for vehicles. As for equipment, there were auto turrets, anti-personnel and anti-air, landmines, and even teleporters.

I think that it would be really fun if 343 drew some inspiration from this and made a gametype like this one.