Ideas for tweaks for Halo Infinite final build

I started a different post about being able to see a cumulative of your ones career accolades. Someone commented an idea that I thought would be an excellent option to balance out the XP progression system. Earn XP for every accolade achieved in a match. It doesn’t have to be a crazy amount of XP. Maybe 5XP for each basic accolade up to 25XP for each Mythic accolade. Just a thought. Either way, I’d like to track all of my accolades similar to the original Halo games like Halo 3. This would be more important to me than tracking my K/D that would rarely fluctuated after multiple games. Being able to see what accolades I’ve not achieved will add more challenge to the game for myself. But, maybe it’ll be in the final release.

Remove battlepass as it ruins the chance for all players for the freedom of customizing and personalizing their Spartan in their own unique designs.

. I propose the option to have Advanced looks controls for greater customization over the current settings available. For example:
-Outer threshold
-Response Curve
-Yaw speed
-Pitch speed
-Turning extra yaw
-Turning extra pitch
-Turning ramp-up time
-Turning ramp-up delay

Also include these same options for smart-link/ zoom. In addition to these added options, also have an example to the right near the description showing curve changes and deadzone changes based on the options you select. I feel this would really smooth out the controls when it comes to using the Xbox controller.

  • make armor coatings into armor patterns
  • give the players a way to earn the ingame currency. like 1-10 points, and it varries. have the players earn them vya the weekly/daily challenges. like every ‘50 xp’ the challenge gives is also 1 point rewarded
  • actually ballance the weapons

Added Killing Frenzy, Running Riot, Rampage, Untouchable, Invincible, and Inconceivable to challenges that require killing sprees example (Peerless Warrior, which currently only accepts killing spree medals and no the higher sprees)

Add additional event challenges as the current event only has 7 and there are 30 tiers. There are three weeks and (assuming that current week which has) 7 that means only 21 tiers if the trend continues with the remaining two weeks. 9 tiers of the free pass unattainable for free players.

Collisions. All collisions all the time, no exceptions.

An EAC option like in MCc where you can disable it to play mods.