Ideas for tweaks for Halo Infinite final build

I have ideas of tweaks for Halo Infinite Final Build. Other people can post their ideas in this forum as well.

I have an idea in which that armor coating should be replaced by pattern design for armor. What I mean is that there should be pattern designs for armors like in halo 4 and 5.

Also the color palette will return, but with a few colors, and the rest can be unlocked through XP and challenges.

adding a filter to only play certain game modes.

Add a option to turn off the game progression ques. First few btw maps I didn’t even know the Parris/AA gun fired because of the music que went off the same time I was in a firefight.

Progressive system needs addition xp gaining routes like performance and achievements

Fix bug of some challenges don’t register progression or completion (Heat of the Moment is the one I personally encountered and someone else had the same issue with It Bears Repeating)

Cross core customization for armor pieces and colors

Ability to move emblems locations on weapons and vehicles. Ability to mirror emblems on both sides of a weapon or vehicle.

Return the Primary and Secondary color system or give addition primary armor coatings to the initial 30 colors of primary you get in 3/Reach. If you return this system then you can add different shades (there is a whole color gradians untouched), patterns (all the different camo designs out there, hexagon patterns, tribal patterns), material render (Carbon fiber look to armor, different stone looks, different metal looks, hard line looks, etc), non standard (four different colors or what some armor coatings due but could be lumped into patterns], armor lights (add different colors to our armor lights]

Return the Emblem system


If the armor cores is going to be all one set, then there has to be forearm and leg category as well. Maybe the gen 2 armor cores from halo 4 and 5 can come in as well. As well as tech suits as well.

Adding a right amount of additional xp to challenges, achievements, medals, performances, or maybe even Easter eggs as well.


Although this isn’t an idea for a tweak, but it is an idea. Maybe weapons and vehicles from previous halo games might return, weapons like the promethean weapons, sticky detonator, grenade launcher, Spartan laser, SMG, Saw, magnum, DMR, flamethrower, missile pod, plasma rifle, mauler, spiker, brute plasma rifle, brute shot, plasma cannon, beam rifle, focus rifle, fuel rod gun, plasma launcher, plasma caster, concussion rifle, needle rifle, carbine, guass turret, hunter assault cannon, automag, and silenced SMG. And the banished vehicles from halo wars 2, the prowler, specter and revenant maybe as well.

For custom games added random to both primary and secondary (so we can make Fiesta)
Add none to primary so we can use those weaponless animations you have in Academy
Add Fusion coil to Primary or a way to spawn with a fusion coil

Add a playlist for just slayer and bring in Assaults and Infection (I’m assuming additional playlists and gametypes will be added after beta)

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Agreed. Please return the emblem system 343. They have soo much that they are not returning which makes Halo feel limited and not growing…

Please let me disable cross play with PC these guys are ruining the game for me or enable a option for controller players only. General career rank needs to come sooner then later.

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We need to be able to re-join a game if we are kicked out i dont see any reason to not be able to rejoin. this is important as everyone is expirencing crashes.

using the fire weapon buttons should drop the flag or ball, no need to use it to beat down as we already have an allocated button

I shopuld have an option to remove all custom spartan colours and reside back to my beloved blue vs red ( i dont want to see flaming hyabusas with purple and yellow armour…

There should also be an option in custom games to removes the personalised colours of the enemy.

Shotgun isnt strong enough im yet to kill someone in one shot.

Long range br is too easy.

plasma grenades explode slightly too quick

PLEASE. 343 make it so that I can map my guns to two different keys instead of just having a swap key on PC. It is something that a lot of other fps have and it is annoying the crap out of me. I LOVE the gameplay and it won’t stop me from playing but I really would love it if it was added to settings. I play with a mouse that has programmable buttons with 1 mapped to primary and 2 mapped to secondary. Muscle memory keeps making messing up swapping weapons mid-fight, so I end up throwing a grenade or something instead of swapping to a fully loaded gun.

The best idea I’ve had is an expansion of the academy feature. Add vehicle training courses and i think it would be awesome to expand weapon drills with multi-weapon drills like noob combos. I feel like the commando just isn’t as good as the AR and BR and needs a buff to bring it more in line with the other main weapons. The shotgun also needs a buff, bring back the good old shot melee combo.

Allow flags/bombs/balls to be dropped with the fire button.

Please bring back performance-based XP gain. Only gaining XP through battle pass missions has often forced me to play in ways I don’t enjoy or want to or get frustrated when the game type I need doesn’t appear. Swapping out challenges to get one that can be done easily seems the most efficient way to progress other than simply buying the points. I feel almost forced to spend money for unlocks even if I want to earn them and not just buy pass levels. Also getting a big chunk of XP from having a good game feels good and is one of the main reasons I return to the game. Playing 7 games in a row to finally get a stronghold match and cap my last point for a couple of hundred XP feels bad. A filter for specific game modes or types might help with this.

Please add armor color and emblem customization although a lot of the pre-created ones are nice I believe most players want to make their own unique setups.

Please fix Cross hair FOV issues. Cross hair size changes with FOV adjustment affecting aim. aim feels off unless FOV is maxed to 120 on both controller and mouse and keyboard.

What about inviting your friends and playing online matches your friends only?

View model adjustment like in halo mcc.

Make the plasma pistol be able to EMP vehicles and the chopper charge be able to destroy light or medium vehicles.

If the armor cores is going to be all one set, then there has to be forearm and leg category as well. Maybe the gen 1 mark VI and gen 2 armor cores from halo 3 mcc, 4, and 5 can come in as well. As well as tech suits as well.

Credits as additional rewards alongside xp from challenges. 150 credits from normal tier challenges, 200 credits from heroic tier challenges, 250 credits from legendary tier challenges.

Bot boot camp should have settings like a custom game browser.