Ideas for some new Halo 5 weps and veh part1

A suggestion for some new Halo 5 weapons and vehicles

NOTE: Since my original document is to large I’m going to split this up into several different posts.

The Brutes

Familiar Brute weapons/vehicles from previous series will return the following are the new ones.

Brute Lancer

  • A long lance like weapon that when thrusted (RT) it creates a small gravity burst that greatly increase the thrust force of the weapon and causes it to fully extend a quarter of its initial range with each burst. (The Brute Lancer has double the range of the Brute hammer) This is an anti-hijacking weapon, that a passenger wields to dislodge close combatants or would be hijackers. It also serves as an excellent close range ramming tool that’s extremely effective against vehicles. In fact 3 hits from the lance will destroy any vehicle. (1 hit for smaller vehicles). It’s also very effective against personnel ( 1 hit kill). If a driver is driving a vehicle at full speed and the passenger hits the vehicle with the lance it will destroy all ghosts, warthogs, mongooses, and Spectres in 1 hit. Tanks and Wraiths will take 2 full speed hits. If a player has any grenades and holds (RT+B), l mount this grenade to the tip of the lance and when they strike their target it will be struck with devastating force and explosion thanks to the grenade. (Grenade tipped lance attacks cause instant destruction to any vehicle when struck. The Lancer is also an effective Melee weapon with longest range of all Melee weapons. (RT) will thrust the weapon forward, (B) will cause the user to swipe the lance from left to right or right to left (no extension applied), and (LT) causes the user to hurl the lance. Like the gravity hammer and other pure melee weapons the lance has a battery that when depleted shatters when it reaches 0% . If a grenade is mounted to the tip of the spear and an object is struck it will cause a 50% energy depletion to the weapon. Hurling the lance costs 25% energy per throw. Lunging (RT) causes 20% energy per lunge. Meleeing (B) causes 15% energy per swing.

Brute Mace

  • A mace with a large brute spiker grenade on the end of it.
  • RT trigger lunges the mace forward
  • LT trigger swings the mace in a 360 spin
  • If you hold the LT trigger and hit B you will “Shotput throw the Mace”
  • The longer the LT trigger is held the more momentum and destructive power the mace delivers, however the longer one holds the trigger more energy the mace uses and when that energy is depleted to 0% the mace explodes.
  • If you hold the LT trigger and build up to max velocity then press ‘B’ this will launch the Mace with max velocity, and distance. It will explode with force of a wraith Plasma burst upon impact.
  • When the maces energy is depleted at 0% the mace’s time will go off in 5 seconds equaling the destructive power of a single rocket attack.
  • Holding ‘B’ will cause the user to slam the mace into a target, with so much force that the mace is essentially planted into the object. Once planted the mace will detonate in 5 seconds, with the destructive power of a single rocket attack, and brute spiker shrapnel will launch all over the place as splash damage.
  • The Brute mace is the only weapon that when it takes damage energy is depleted
  • A direct rocket, fuel rod, incineration shot, Laser, Tank shot, wraith shot will cause the Brute Mace to detonate in 5 seconds.
  • Sniper Rilfe and beam rifle direct shots will cause the mace to drop to 50% if shot at 100% energy and if its struck with energy of 50% or lower it will detonate in 5 seconds.
  • Binary Rifle and Brute Lancer direct strikes cause the mace to drop to 25% if the mace was shot at 100% energy. If shot with energy at 75% or lower this will cause the mace to detonate in 5 seconds.

Brute Eviscerator (Brute)

  • A scorpion sized vehicle that utilizes what appears to be a giant gravity based displacement gun at the front.
  • The Gun launches a giant gravity displacement wave(Think of an extremely large brute hammer gravity displacement) which not only does damages to nearby targets but turns them into lethal projectiles, which launch with the force and speed of a slight faster concussion rifle. The range of this dispersion wave isn’t too far (The range is 4X that of a regular Brute Hammer discharge) but if debris is caught in the shockwave it can launch debris half way across a map the size of Ragnarok.
  • A driver/Main Cannon operator.
  • 2 side gunner using a mounted brute spiker turret
  • On the back of the tank are seats for 2 passengers
  • Normally the Brute’s have 1 passenger equipped with a brute lancer, and the other a brute hammer, to discourage and fight off any hi-jackers or saboteurs
  • Has a boost like a wraith