Ideas for Reviving Halo 2(PC)

Halo 2 for Windows Vista was at the best of times a product that needed improvement. But if 343 put a small team on tweaking it, I think they could actually start to rebuild the halo PC community instead of ignoring them. First they need to offer Halo 2(PC) over digital distribution through at least one online service. Second a title update to fix glitches, improve game performance, stop online cheating, and streamline matchmaking. Next if 343 wanted major brownie points they could add mod tools or go open source, Maybe even add a high resolution texture pack to improve the graphics. If you guys have any more ideas how to Revive Halo 2 on the PC list them here!

All things considered any further effort at this point in time would not make sense from a financial or fan service point of view, the required resources are much better put to use on new games.

Hired Gun which was a group of developers Microsoft assembled to port Halo 2 to PC and have been long since disbanded.

Bungie are third party now, Hired Gun no longer exists and Halo 2 was/is a fundamentally broken game that could not have all the glitches patched out without a complete engine rewrite.

Title update for multiplayer, leave the campaign alone (pre-TU), with improved things (i.e. make ally swap like Halo 3 so you can get their attention when they’re not facing you, allow us to crouch and move forward, not crouch then move forward).