ideas for new vehicals annd things to add in multplayer

i hope they bring back the chopper and add the cobra from halo war i would also like the wolverine and the locust but they also need to have a vehicle like the the cyclops from halo wars they really need to create 2 air vehicals for both cov and unsc like a hornet and a bigger heavier air vehical, banshee and a well the same

they also need to add in interactive enviromet like trees that can burn down or a door that will shut and close for certain periodes of time to cut of that way to the other part of the map or a thing that will kill all in a room or those in that area

and in forge they need the birds and sentinels back in the background

i know this might seem odd but maybe their going to have better looking grass and shadows from reach reaches were good but i have seen better and maybe better cutscenes like from halo wars
and another thing anyone who looks into this forum share any ideas about halo 4

Stuff like the bridge on Longshore or the door on High Ground in H3 but that you can also deactivate/close

Vehicles already covered-