Ideas for new Maps!!!

Hello my fellow comrades!! I have a couple ideas for Arena, BTB, and Warzone maps!!
Assault on the Carrier:
the map inside a CSO-class Super carriers shuttle bay. You come in on pelican and you clear out a Covenant Armory/Garage, this is your base. The map features only Covenant. There are service corridors and hallways that can be used for close corridors. The bosses on this map include:
-Kirif’ Zamamee- Brother of Zuka Zamamee, he is a specialized gunner, he wears Green Zeolot Armor and operates a Plasma Cannon, he is guarded by two Jackal Snipers.
-Elite Spec Ops Officer- this elite wears Black Ranger Armor and utilizes his energy sword “Silent Annihalation” which is upgraded to go Camouflage along with himself.
-Shipmaster Wyir’ Shlakam- featured in Halo Reach as the fieldmaster who shot Kat, he wears burgundy Commander armor with no helmet. He operates a black banshee that fires Needles instead of Plasma Bolts.
-Unngoy Ultra- This Grunt wears white imperial armor and fires a Fuel Rod Cannon called “Balahos Plague” that tracks the player and does more damage.
-Engineer Fyto- this is an elite that learned how to operate human vehicles, he utilizes a Rhino Tank that can be hijacked. If he is removed from the tank, he uses a Sticky Detonator.
Evacuation: An urban Remake of Halo 4’s Exile, this map replaces the Banshee with a Phaeton, and Guass Warthog with a Rockethog. And instead of a Spartan Laser in the middle structure, you have a Legendary weapon: The Plasma Launcher from Halo Reach.
to be continued.

I have to say, your creativity is marvelous.

Hopefully the forge allows players to create warzone maps you you can make this a reality

This sounds absolutely amazing!! Sadly no forging for war zone… But Forge Company would be glad to have a creative mind like yourself! I’ll send you a invite

Really anything for new maps should have multiple modes for different game types in mind, bigger maps for big team battle that can maybe be used for other slayer game types that don’t have to be played in the arena. Warzone is fun or can be if the team were more balanced and the maps offered better attack route and defensive positions. Storm break is the best of the war zone maps in my opinion due to the bases are pretty fair in position and the fortress provides a good challenge to attack but too many players rush towards the open doors so maybe have a top entrance, were you can counter the guy crouched in the corner holding a sword. But in all honesty they need to look at some of the older maps and see which were favorites and why that was. My choice would bring back map that were more open we have the speed now but also have teleporters and good buildings that a small team can hold if need be with less obtrusive walls to get caught on when trying to boost sideways out of fire.