Ideas for (maybe) upcoming update!

Recently, SKE7CH posted a news topic that described how a seperate team at 343 are working to improve Halo’s “Legacy Titles” with the master chief collection being their 1st priority. They didn’t say which games they were going to update, but I think its safe to assume that they’ll get around to working on Halo 4 sometime soon. Here’s a “link” to the news post.

So what ideas do you guys have for a possible Halo 4 update? Feel free to post any crazy ideas! After all, they said they would be adding new features!

Personally, I would love it if they enabled us to use campaign vehicles in forge, and maybe have a playlist for “Broadsword Dogfights,” because they said they would be improving playlists.

If you guys know the youtuber Lord Zedd, he made a video about a mod for campaign vehicles. The Broadsword, Pelican gunship, Mammoth, Phantom, and Lich are all driveable vehicles, in fact. Would also love a forced update for everyone to download the FREE DLC maps.

Lord Zedd’s video:

Sorry for the links not being real links. I need to reach marine forum rank (100 posts) and i only have about 30

The Legacy Team is only supervising the games, not updating them. If they we’re, I’m certain that they would have already removed the Performance Bonus from Grifball in Reach, since it made the gamemode unplayable because of boosters and AFKs.