Ideas for improving Warzone FF

Warzone FF seems a bit too easy and I’m the first to admit that I’m merely a mediocre halo player. Played a bunch of matches and didn’t even come close to losing except for one round when we were messing around too much outside the garage and let the enemy cap it. 8 spartans is just too powerful a force.

Ideas to improve Warzone FF?

  • increase mythic boss health/speed
  • allow access to REQ stations only at the intermission (though you could still change loadouts when respawning)
  • more enemies in vehicles

What would be really awesome is to create a “Warzone FF Survival” playlist where there are only 10-15 lives per round so teams are forced to watch their deaths and look out for each other. Add in revives. Increase time per round to 8 mins. The best thing about ODST firefight was the life limit shared among the entire team which made the the game much more about the team than the spartan. Also added some very tense moments when you were observing the last man standing finishing off the remaining enemies. This mode would reward players with more XP/REQ points.

Is it fun at least haven’t played yet

  1. I think the mode is balanced just fine, not to hard, not to easy.
  2. Any feedback you have should be posted on the official feedback thread here.

If they make it harder they need to make it so losses are not tracked. If I can win Warzone and Warzone assault without using reqs, I should be able to win this with no reqs.

It’s pretty fun, but not too challenging.

Requires everyone to have a mic. That is something that would make it better

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> Requires no one to have a mic. That is something that would make it better


Put the Falcon in the game and it will improve Halo 5 in EVERY aspect including WZ:FF!!! :slight_smile:

Region lock.