Ideas for Halo Infinites Future

These are some ideas for Infinites future including features, modes, etc. to add to the game; things that need to be fixed/changed; and anything that I think would be good for the game. Probably gonna be a long thread.

  1. New PVE Experience ideas:
  • Use Destiny Dungeons/Raids as inspiration. A standalone large scale mission. Structured like a Destiny Dungeon. Start with an opening encounter (wave based, puzzle based, etc.), then maybe a boss fight, then a big puzzle encounter and end with a bigger, complex boss fight (with mechanics, not necessarily too complex but difficult/complex enough that they require good execution to succeed). Could also take some inspiration from Call of Duty Zombies when designing boss fights (and for hidden easter eggs throughout the mission and an opening/ending cutscene for the narrative).
  • House of Reckoning from the campaign could be reused as a standalone wave based PVE arena mode. And regularly release new similar arenas (different locations, biomes, space, banished ships, ancient forerunner structures, etc.). Could be used to make a new version of Firefight.
  • Take sections of the campaign and repurpose them in a standalone mode with some kind of time trial/high scoring element. Could have online leaderboards/ranks for it too.
  1. Social Matchmaking:
  • Use MCC Match Composer as inspiration for designing a replacement for the current playlist system (which is too restrictive)
  • The social playlists could be restructured to Arena (4v4), Doubles (2v2), Rumble Pit (8 Player FFA), Big Team Battle (12v12), Featured Community Playlist (Forge Maps/Modes 4v4), Weekly Featured Playlist 1, Weekly Featured Playlist 2.
  • The Arena, Doubles, Rumble Pit and BTB playlists would allow you to customize the playlist selection of modes. You can choose whichever modes you want active for each playlist selection.
  • Arena Playlist Selection: Slayer, BR Slayer, Objective (Oddball, Strongholds, CTF, KOTH, One Flag, Land Grab, VIP), Survivors (Attrition, Dodgeball, Elimination), Fiesta, Snipers (S7s Only), Action Sack (Ninja Slayer, Rock N Repulsors, Kong Slayer, Purple Reign, etc.), Tactical Slayer
  • Doubles Selection: Slayer, BR Slayer, Objective (Oddball, CTF, KOTH), Snipers (S7s Only), Fiesta, Survivors (Attrition, Dodgeball, Elimination), Action Sack (Kong Slayer, Ninja Slayer, Rock N Repulsors, etc.)
  • Rumble Pit Selection: Slayer, BR Slayer, Fiesta, Snipers (S7s Only), Vampireball, Action Sack (Kong Slayer, Ninja Slayer, Rock N Repulsors, etc.), Escalation Slayer (Gun Game), One in the Chamber (Tactical Slayer Health Settings. Players spawn/respawn with one bullet and a kill generates a bullet).
  • BTB Selection: Slayer, BR Slayer, Snipers (S7s Only), Fiesta, Objective (Total Control, Stockpile, CTF), Action Sack (Skockets, Ninja Slayer, Kong Slayer, etc.)
  • Weekly Featured Playlists: Infection, Grifball, Last Spartan Standing, etc.
  • Social Matchmaking should also have looser SBMM so friends can play together, people can find games easier and the social atmosphere is more casual and less competitive.
  • All social playlists should allow people to play as a fireteam (including rumble pit) to promote a fun, casual experience with friends.
  1. Ranked:
  • Permanent playlists should be 4v4 Arena (Oddball, Strongholds, CTF, KOTH, Slayer), 2v2 Doubles (Slayer, CTF, Oddball), 6 Player FFA (Slayer).
  • Rotating playlist could have things like 4v4 Survivors, FFA Snipers (S7s Only), 4v4 Tactical Slayer, 2v2 Survivors, etc.
  • Matchmaking should be purely rank based.
  • CSR gains and losses should be win/loss based and not attached to a secret stat (MMR). Rank is not supposed to be a direct representation of skill but is more like a fluctuating progression of how well you have performed this season.
  • More rewards for each rank every season would be great for incentivizing more people to play ranked. Things like coatings, nameplates, weapon charms, armour effects, kill effects, etc. would all be great rewards and something to strive for every season.
  1. Account Progression:
  • We need an account level/progression system. It can be pretty much anything, SR152 from Halo 5, Halo 3 system, Reach system, MCC system. Just some form of progression.
  • We need the Service Records to be accessible in-game and the ability to view other peoples too.
  • With the progression system should also come rewards for reaching milestones. Coatings, armour pieces, weapon charms, effects, etc.
  1. UI Redesign:
  • The Main Menu screen is ok as it is (could be better but does the job fine).
  • The Multiplayer Menu needs a redesign. Clicking Multiplayer from the Main Menu should bring up a new menu featuring: Social Matchmaking, Ranked Matchmaking, Custom Games Browser, Host Custom Game.
  • The Customization menu needs redesigning. The main problem is how much of the screen it takes up and how long it takes to browse through all the options. Something like drop down boxes with shorter rows and columns would be better. Allows you to see multiple pieces at the same time.
  • Would be nicer if they used the title screen background from the 2020 Demo Presentation instead of the one we have now.
  1. Pre-Game Lobbies:
  • Map Voting allows people to vote to choose which map they play which means less people disconnect because of a bad map.
  • Lobby chat and party up features add more social aspects to the game and allows more people to connect.
  1. Further improvements to desync/lag/connection problems/packet loss/etc.

  2. Cross Core Customization


Feel like before they add Firefight, we need new campaign content that includes new vehicles and new enemy types or, hopefully, a whole new enemy faction. A Firefight that’s limited to the gameplay elements currently present in the campaign might feel a bit bland.
Infection needs the right weapons, meaning they need to add the classic pump action shotgun. They generally need to get their act together with adding new weapons, so that it’s something more regular than just 1 new gun in a year and a half. Infection might kinda work with something like a modified Mangler that fires the Bulldog projectile, but they really should just add the classic shotgun so such a replacement/workaround isn’t needed


I like a lot of what you’re saying but personally I think the best thing for Microsoft / 343 to do would just be to own up to the fact that they massively screwed up with Halo infinite.

Everything from standard features not being in the game, to playlists, to their net code…everything!!! Just admit that you screwed up basically everything. Yes, the game play for the most part has been very well received and I really hope they continue with that game play style and equipment, but I think they would be better off and not just financially either, to make an entirely new game that continues the story of infinite and just get things right this time from launch.

As much as I hate saying it I feel like putting time, money and resources into Halo Infinite is a huge waste of time as you have already lost mass amounts of people and you aren’t going to get them back no matter what you do.

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I totally agree with this. Before any major DLCs arrive, though, I think the main campaign should get an update with a few new missions that allow us to experience the rest of the story beats 343 had to cut the corners off of. There are probably at least a couple that are close enough to completion to be salvaged.