Ideas for Halo 5/ Halo 6

with the flow of free updates keeping strong even though halo wars 2 and bits and pieces of halo 6 are in development, i thought it might bee a good idea to do some brain storming for some updates for halo 5 or halo 6. First, id like 343 to keep the micro transactions despite their controversy, now it is easy to say that micro transactions shouldn’t be in halo or that they are a scumbag move by the developer/publisher to make more money, i agree with this to some extent but in halo 5 it is different, it is paying paying for our free updates and despite all the cons i think that it is justified as i am not the kind of guy who can just give out money for a season pass. but thats enough about the req system lets move on to some more positive things.

Some things they could add in in a future update could be the spiker, brute shot and/or if we are really lucky the chopper or prowler, and MAYBE just MAYBE, Brute bosses in warzone, and what better time to do it than the launch of the brute themed halo wars 2,i think this could make a very interesting update. Also they could add " Warzone - Quarantine" ( an idea from “Hidden Xperia” that i really like) This would basically be a hoard survival mode but a lot less “arcadey” than Firefight (which i am for the most part happy with") and it was include the flood and you would have to survive as long as possible. Also if they do choose to add playable elites, it would be fitting to bring back Invasion from halo reach, Also they could add some really cool and creative elite armour for people to use.

But these suggestions were me trying to be realistic as a large amount of great content has already been added and anything radical would probably be pushed aside to halo 6. so a few of those ideas would be split screen, playable elites which could have a roll instead of the thrusters that spartan IVs have, more specific req packs ( e.g. a req pack that will only give you cosmetic items, or one that only gives you warzone reqs), Improved UI ( organising the armours better e.g. first you select the armour THEN the skin you want on it so you dont waste you your time scrolling though the armour menu), [Improved] Spartan Ops (better, more immersive, flowing story-line, as i felt that the spartan ops in halo 4 had missions that felt like they existed in vacuums (and i didnt help that alot of them were on the same map) and that one mission had nothing to do with the next. and i like the idea of your personal spartan having his/her own story), also some backstory for the Prometheans is also in order… And lastly the merge of the 2 art styles, like they are doing with halo wars 2.

Now lets get on to actual Additions and not just improvements (as unrealistic as these additions may be) Firstly, a scarab or kraken assault gamemode where one team would have to defend the kraken or scarab from the team that is going to try and destroy it , and to really make this chaotic they could enable warzone reqs to make sure that there is no shortage of explosions. Also i would LOVE to see a large scale game mode similar to Battlefield’s conquest but in halo it would have UNSC against the Covenant in massive scale warfare and would be complete with drop pods, anti air wraiths , large stationary guns like MAC cannons, and the covie AA cannons from halo 3, Pelicans , Phantoms, playable elites (for team Covie) and warzone reqs - i think this game mode would be an abosolute blast

These are a few of my ideas and i hope you like them and feel free to post your ideas aswell.


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> Better customization options.
> (sorry if you wrote that too but I was too lazy to read XD)

i wouldnt have been able to read it completely either XD

Well this has been discused so many times on so many threads. My answer is always the same: Great story and great multiplayer plain and simple.

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> Well this has been discused so many times on so many threads. My answer is always the same: Great story and great multiplayer plain and simple.

well , as you can see, i dont like to be simple