Ideas for Halo 4??

So a couple of features i think would be awesome to consider in halo 4 would be ether an option for Zero Bloom, or zero bloom being one of the things you can buy,…the other thing is having three weapons on the spartans in matchmaking,…i’m thinking a BR,DMR,and pistol, or Dmr,AR, and pistol,…basiclly every spartan is equipped with a pistol…what do yall think?


That’s a good idea. I also had an idea for Forge where you have a planet with five Forge World sized areas, each one different in design. Also weather and climate customization in Forge.

I think giving the possiblity for this in costum games is really fun. So with some gametypes during MM it would be fun aswell. I think its a great idea aslong as they don’t put it in serious gametypes like MLG!

Making this possible shoudn’t be that hard. Considering putting this in MM games is something else. If I made this game i would make it possible for sure. But than again, during MM u need to find out if it works cause i think those multikill fans will enjoy it way too much. Kampy with a rocket,snipe and dmr/shotty,snipe, dmr in a multi team game is not fun anymore cause he is rocking that gametype all day.

We’re not getting bloom. We’re getting recoil instead. I also doubt that Frankie would allow the option of “Zero bloom or recoil” being a modification. If it was, everyone would pick it as that would give them a damn good advantage.

One idea I have always wanted in a Halo game was the ability to play as a Hunter.

Game mode title: Hunted

The game mode would work just like infection but the “infected” would start out as Hunters.

So, let’s say there is 8 players in a game. Then 2 would spawn as Hunters.

If you get killed by a Hunter you become one.

I doubt this would ever happen but man if it did.

Also, playing as a Hunter would work better if the view was in third person. Just my idea for Halo 4.

Other than that I’m sure 343i will come up with some awesome ideas.

This might sound kinda dumb, but here goes nothing…

In Forge World (if there’s a new one. Nothing has been confirmed) instead of a kill barrier there would be A.I. that come attack you when you go out of boundaries. I think that would be kinda fun to try to fight them off. Think like the turrets on Snowbound.

IDK, maybe if you’re on the ground it would be wildlife, and if in the air it would be some sort of sentinel that could move objects in case you try to get out of forge world and box yourself in…

I think that this would be fun, but could use some improvement.